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Matching System is broke. FIX IT!

Jul 02, 2009
I am very pleased with the pairing system. I'm a level 27 warlord. I am regularly paired with 30s and 40s. Thing is, I still win more than I lose. Each match is challenging and rewarding. I do not expect to win every showdown without a struggle. If I'm up against a wizard with 1000 more life, and bigger spells, I rise to the challenge.

When it's later at night, the pairings can be odd, but it's only due to limited pairing options. If I hit a rut against a series of unbalanced skermishes, I take a break and do something else. In general during the day I play against mid level red ranked players. Other times, I can usually expect 40s with lesser rankings. Again, despite the range, the skill difference is an equalizer.

A drawback to the system is that it doesn't consider games played as a factor. A player with no games at 500 is an unknown. A player with that same 500 rating aftr 100 matches is a different story. There can be nothing done for the pairing. This is an unavoidable flaw of this flat point system.

Jul 18, 2009
Still broken in my viewpoint even after they "changed" it to weigh level over rank. I was level 15 and facing high 20's and even 30's consistently.

It's simply NO fun to keep losing due to companion advantages, deck advantages etc.

At the very least at least give less reward for a higher level beating a lower level. Should barely lose points when you lose to someone so much higher than your character.

Mar 03, 2009
Tgrable wrote:
Title says it all. Me and a good friend of mine are currently doing arena at the 25-30 level. We are a very good team and have managed to get up to 800+ ranking... The problem is we have spent alot of time and effort to get our ranking up and afford some of the crown items and the arena rewards but then every night we always ALWAYS will get a string of 4-5 matches against nothing but 50's.

THIS IS NOT FAIR. I do not spend my time and money to play this game only to keep getting stuck into fights against opponents we have no chance of matching ( I have beat 1 lvl 50 team ever and that was because they were horrible)

The argument I have seen tossed around is that if the matchup is going slow or there arent enough teams that we get paired with high levels so that we can atleast fight... I think that is stupid! I would rather not get matched up and wait for hours for a honest and fair level matchup.. I do not want to lose rank and potential points because i'm matched against 50's

So why? Why is this system setup to hand 50's easy points and kills from low levels? I say this because when my 800+ ranking gets paired against a 400-500 ranked 50 team I lose ALOT of my hard earned points.

Fix the matching system for all levels or take it out completely and remove arena. If you can't balance it somewhat then its not worth it. It's frustrating and infuritating to work so hard and then get to a point where we only face 50's. If this system isn't looking into I (like many others) will quit playing this game. If you think you can afford to lose my subscription and that of my friends you are a BAD company and you will fail.

Now that I have got that out. How many others have had issues with this system? I see post all over the forums about it, but what I do not see is responses from developers saying they will correct or even look into the problem.

i agree this is my first time replying to comment so sorry if it looks weird but i say we need matching systems like the new bazaar so we get players in our area such as me i'm a magus level 37 and i keep gettign matched with adepts that have so powerful cards they beat me in one hit THEY ARE WAY OVER POWERED! like a balance guy used this angle it did one thousand damage by its self and i got defeated and he was an adept! so yes make a changed please

May 01, 2009
same thing happened to me. i was playing my lvl 5 pyromancer and decided to try a rank match, and i was paired with death student that was somewhere in the 10s. he easily killed me and it was really unfair.

Dec 26, 2008
I agree i have a lvl 17 warlord 1012 and i constantly face masters or people who are in mooshu and i constantly lose

May 31, 2009
YES I WAS LOOKING FOR A POST LIKE THIS I HAVE SSAME PROBLEM IN 1V1. I get level 40's all the time as captain and knight and they expect me to win? Not fair i want a fair match and when I get one I win but thats 1 out of 10 matchs i get my own level now. Whats going on? Change it or i pretty much lost intrest in this game its borin and nothign changes. Fight quest walk thats pretty much it.