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Matching issues

Dec 22, 2008
I haven't posted on the forums in almost a year, and it just so happens that my first returning post is a complaint...

Anyway, I have been PvPing on my level 8 Ice wizard, made it to Warlord, and have experienced quite a few uneven matches, some of which being many wizards in the level 30s. I have noticed that whenever the system matches me up with a higher level wizard, they always have a lower rating than me, which I suppose was KI's intention. However, just because a level 30 death wizard has a rating of 100 it doesn't mean they're an even match for a level 8...

I just reached the last straw about 10 minutes ago. I was matched against a level 39 Life wizard with over 2000 health. There was no possible way for me to win. Even if I used every spell in my 18-card deck, if he healed even once after being damaged I would not have enough cards to defeat him. To top it off, he used an ice DoT and got a critical. I mean, come on...!

So, I guess the point of this was to point out that accurate PvP matching is still a work in progress, and maybe let a few other abused players vent off a bit of steam in the replies. (And I hope I win the contest for most unfair match)

Aug 28, 2010
The matching system is very unfair, but it's just back to the way it was some time ago.
Everyone complained that matching system was way too slow, so W101 was changed
so that matches happened at a much faster pace.
Everyone started screaming that the matching system was unfair, and that
they wanted it closer to their level.
KI did just that, they changed it, and again, the matching system slowed way up, and
again, people were back at 3 to 5 hour waits for a match. The complaints started
pouring back in, we want a match in a resaonable amount of time.....

KI responded, and put it back so people could get fast matches, now a level 50 will go against
a level 90, or a level 10 could get a 30.
Back when this happened before, everyone complained that KI was rewarding players that
leveled their wizards up.

We can't have everything I guess, but I think that KI is in a catch22, and the only way around
it may be to attack a lot of new players.......

Jul 15, 2012
I Haven't fought someone near my level in forever. I am a warlord 38 with 2k rating. I pop vs 70, 80 all the time. Win and lose. Is hard to win when they crit. Is like insta kill.

Oct 28, 2012
I do feel sorry for kingsisle, players just can't make their minds up! (just like those fickle pickles!)

I do agree that players should not be facing level differences as these. After a certain amount of time, there should be a message that pops up saying that there is nobody in their level range. They could continue still, (and face someone of a slightly higher level), or cancel it and try again later. This, in my opinion, would be a much fairer matching system.

As I've always said - unless you can provide suggestions, there is no point complaining!

Dec 18, 2010
It is not fair at all. I get paired with level 90 life wizards all the time (thank goodness they were practice matches).

I'm also confused. How did a level 39 life wizard use Frostbite and get a critical?

First off, I should point out that the earliest level Ice DoT is frostbite, with the exception of 'Ice Elf'. The next DoT is Snow angel, and I doubt a life wizard could do that, considering you can only hold up to 7 pips.

Second, a CRITICAL?! How in the Spiral can a level 39 life wizard get CRITICAL?! The first critical gear you get is at level 50! I would say that either you exaggerated in this post or that wizard is a hacker.

The PvP system should be based on both level AND rank, that way, we get more even matches than the 1st age PvP. I got lucky for winning against a level 90 because he was disconnected or afk for two hours (yep, by the length of time I stated, you can guess he was Ice). Hope KI reads this. :)