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Matching for 62 warlord - Devs please help

Nov 12, 2012
I am up against level 95 privates with shrike and critical ratings I can not defend against with conviction up 100% of the time. There is nothing I can do, I lose against 2 pip spamming, because they critical every spell and I cannot block it with glendemmings gear and conviction up.

Match making needs to be addressed for the new gear that is received at level 95 the spells at level 95. Their game has changed, but mine has not . I leveled up my wizard from 50 to 60 and now I wish I hadn't.

Can a developer please give us some feedback on the direction of the arena and if considerations have been given to lower levels having to deal with this? Having no comments on the state of the game is very frustrating, all I wish is to KNOW what is or what is not going to be done.


Belgrim Shadowheart

Aug 11, 2009
I agree they need to address this issue along with programming how a pvp match should be set up to allow competitive matches without being killed so quickly or using promo's with a level 40 to win matches too. There is nothing worse then loosing rank with someone uses puppets.

Nov 12, 2012
Update, just lost to a storm on the 4th round, the storm had 0 resist. Kraken into stormzilla, I have warlord gear with pieces of waterworks, but his 311 critical rating went through it. I can't get away from fighting 95 Promethean wizards with high critical no resist or Ice with 100% fire resist and guardian spirit treasure cards.

Aug 20, 2011
Preface: Game developers in general are in a tough position. Fixing old problems can stop people from leaving the game, yes, but building bright, shiny, new features can bring in a lot more new money from new customers. Basically, they have to decide just how big a problem it is before they will do something. Is it a problem that is making a small handful of warlords unhappy, since they are losing rank? Or are enough people unhappy that KI will start bleeding money?

I don't think the PvP matching system is getting fixed*. It wouldn't bring in new money, and not many PvPers are actually quitting the game. I suspect that is KI's stance because neither I nor anyone else I know has read an official statement from KI saying it's going to be fixed. Just constant silence. Maybe leadership hasn't said it's okay to talk about their plans on this with the public, but that is frustrating, because dozens upon dozens of people are complaining on the boards, even more in the game. A lot of people would be happier with a simple "Ok, wizards, we got it, we're going to work on this."

*Prove me wrong, please.

Jun 26, 2009
I thankfully haven't had your problems yet Eaos, but I understand your frustration. The simple answer is your not going to get a response and more then likely nothing is going to be done about it in the immediate future. KI is making a load of money and they have no intention of disrupting their revenue stream for a fragment of the player base. Period with a capitol period.

Out of the many mmo's I've played or playing, this is the only one that doesn't communicate very well with it's player base. Only when the next big thing comes out and they are in a need to compete will issues like this be addressed. Any game that still has it's players pay a monthly membership isn't really feeling the pressure to do so. You know things are getting dicey when Wizards goes full free to play. Maybe then and only then will you get things like state of the game and a revamped PVP system. Till then grin and bare it like the rest of us?!

I would be surprised if this even makes it too the boards. Most of the time the moderators don't let my posts even reach the boards when I make opinions like this.

Nov 12, 2012
UPDATE : 4900 crit judgement 3rd round from a 95 balance

Nov 12, 2012
Same guy killed me next round with a 3 pip 3833 judgement crit.