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Dec 13, 2008
Well my death wizard is level 26 a captain trying to get my rabk back as commander currently. I have noticed that i have been going up against warlords 5-10 levels higher than me or level 45-50. Can ki change it so i could at least go up against some one equal to me in any way.

Oct 11, 2009
I think part of the problem here is that no enough people are joining ranked PvP.

If I understand the interface correctly, you can see everyone in the cue for PvP when you talk to the guy in the arena. My experience has been that there are about 10 people in the cue for 1v1 PvP at any given time. That's not alot of people when you consider this is spread over all ranks and levels.

I started out playing a level 10 Balance wizard for PvP. After my rank topped 1000, I found that I was constantly dueling wizards 3 times my level. Any level 28 Balance wizard will beat any level 10 with Judgment since a level 10 can't have Tower Shield.

Someone please post if I do not understand the arena interface. Are there people playing that I'm not seeing?

Jul 18, 2009
The system is described in detail in this forum and even stickied. As you raise in rank you will match up vs. higher levels who have private ranks. Seems rather fair to me. The longer you stay in the queue looking for a match the system will broaden the range to get you a match. Want fairer match up's? Then you have some choices:

1. Level up (nothing higher than 50 in game due to level cap)

2. Make a practice match where you can dictate the level range

3. Lose rank to get a more even level

4. Play at more popular times and monitor your queue time. Join the queue and then leave it if not getting a match quickly. This insures you aren't being matched by the system to a wider range of possible match ups.

The logic of the match up system matches you against higher levels because there isn't someone at your rank -and- at your level and offsets this by giving you higher level, but lower rank.