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Mastery Amulet Abuses that Should be Fixed

Aug 21, 2009
There are some things I absolutely hate about the mastery amulets. One they make already cheap to cast dispels even cheaper to cast. I have always been against dispels and think they should be removed from game play as I feel like I am in some sort of God mode when someone is using them at my table in the game and in PvP I just feel like they are cheats, but to make dispels cast virtually nothing with the amulets is beyond bad.

I also hate the school only treasure cards that are so easy and cheap for everyone to obtain. Even if people have mastery amulets it should pay to be of different initial schools for the school only obtainable cards like stormlord, nova, scarecrow, and the like, but that isn't the case as all of these cards are easily got and are cheap and affodable for PvP purposes. This means that balance going storm and using storm treasure cards for storm lord can potentially cast for higher damage than storm can given that balance has access to more and better blades and traps (don't forget that balance can craft them for even greater stacking). These school only cards available as treasures and upon items should be entirely removed from the game if mastery amulets are going to be available as they do make things a bit unfair.

Apr 11, 2010
It would be nice if there were no treasure versions of certain exclusive spells. To me, why bother having any exclusive school only spell at all if they could just be found and used as treasure by other wizards. This cheapens the uniqueness of schools I think. If you cant train it out of school, you cant cast it out of school. That seems like a fair rule to me. Although I will always disagree with you on dispels. Dispels are a great help and can easily be overcome with the right timing.

Jun 10, 2009
Personally, I do not think the mastery amulets are in any way unfair. They are difficult to obtain, first of all. Also, they don't make dispels cheap to cast. Dispels can only work for certain schools, and people don't cast them very often. I do kind of agree with you on the treasure card thing, they are too easy to get.
But if you get the treasure cards, they are meant to do impossible damage. Anyway, that is just my opinion.
William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer