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Making the arena experience better

Apr 27, 2009
I frequent the PVP arena area frequently as a member of Wizard 101 and enjoy the challenge of fighting other players of different skill levels and schools. I also enjoy being able to talk with all the players, whether it be joking around, taunting, getting battle plans agreed upon, or whatever.

I think that there are a few things I would do to make the arena battles (I'm talking about the practice arena specifically) better.

1) Set a 90 minute timer on games waiting to be played. If there is no activity on a match waiting for additional players or for players to acknowledge that they are ready to enter the arena then the match should be dumped. Perhaps a warning window could pop-up advising that the match will be dumped if there is no response in 30 seconds. This will greatly help to clear out pages and pages of battles with inactive players. How many pages of dead battles must we wade through to get to the battles that actually have active players ready to go?

2) In addition to a page forward and page backwards button at the bottom to scroll through matches, there should be a button that allows the person searching for a match to advance to the most recently formed matches with one click. Kind of a "forward to end" button. Its tedious to click click click through 600+ battles, most of which have an inactive status.

I think that if these two issues are remedied, searching for an active battle will be greatly facilitated.

Any other suggestions?



Feb 09, 2009