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Magus PvP

Mar 24, 2009
At the moment, magus PvP is a real struggle. At around 1500 rank magus level is introduced to some serious critical. Although most of these can be prevented with conviction, it is nearly impossible to defend against critical. I think they should add new "commander" gear but instead add a higher rank requirement and add critical block to it. This will really help out pvp for people below level 50.

Aug 20, 2011
If KI continues to ignore the broken match-up system, then yes, low level gear sets (even if just the PvP gear sets) need to start having critical block included.

Sep 17, 2011
Even though Magus has some big problems with critical. The levels that Magus warlord will face will not be higher than lvl 70. And trust me it's a struggle to do critical at those levels. What you can do so far is cary some Convictions.
There is nothing else you can do.
Nicholas Star