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Magus PvP

Aug 27, 2015
I'm thinking about making a level 38 or , but I don't know which one to choose!
And if you think its worth it, should I farm for winter moon and loremaster, try and pack it, or just try not to get it at all? If you have any other level recommendations that'd be good.

Jul 31, 2010
Definetly go with . It has been proven as the best school. The resist gear and the pets are both great. The chances of getting a spell in the packs are not great, so I would take a high level friend and farm the Loremaster.

Nov 15, 2015
If you do choose an ice wizard, and you don't already have a good PVP pet, then I would suggest a starfish pet from the Celestia Base Camp.

This is a good pet in general and especially for ice wizards. This pet can be bought for gold, no crowns necessary.

Possible talents are Spell proof, Spritely, Pip Boost and Health. All of which are global talents and can benefit all wizards. But also has other ice specific talents like: may cast ice blade, may cast ice trap and ice attack boost.

Have fun.