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LVL 60 Warlord VS LVL 100 Warlord!!

Jul 13, 2010
today me and my friend were doing 2v2

we both lvl 63 life and storm warlord, and we faced a lvl 100 fully geared lvl 100 storm and death, yes both were warlord.

and sadly they went first, and both spam the new spell and we die in couple of round.
( they apologize for the unfairness ) (which was nice i suppose)

but the question is, DO KINGSISLE READ ANY OF THIS PROBLEMS we player have?
because the pvp system obviously have flaws, just ask any player that pvp, "does the pvp system have a flaw". but *WARNING* you might have to listening to endless list of problems for hours.

anyway, pvp is prolly the most important part of wizard101, or any other game. we all try to get new gears and better stat for the purpose of being a better and stronger wizard.

so plz consider fixing some of these issues, or atleast let us know if your working on it or plan on leaving it bogus like this.

thanks you

Dec 04, 2013
Hey, there. I do agree that some match ups aren't the best, but nothing can be perfect. I understand your point, and do feel the same way, however, I think that we should at least be happy on the match ups we get that are fair. Nothing can be perfect. K.I. is trying what they can, but they cannot meet every problem to the game. I think that K.I. has been doing great how they are. It would make PvP more understandable if the match ups were better, but nothing is perfect. K.I. cannot do everything.

Katharine B.

Jul 13, 2010
yes i do realize what you mean.
i not trying to complain about every aspect of the game.

but we all can agree that lvl 100 gear and spell are very powerful in defense and offense.
a while ago we use to use the excuse, "but you have more experience then them"

that was lvl 60 warlord vs lvl 90 private.
this is 2 LVL 60 warlord vs LVL 100 Experience Warlord

I know that K. I probably have allot in there plate, but if no one say anything and
point out some of the major flaws, then how will k.i know if there is a problem?

Anyway how i believe they are going to do something with the matching system
and the fake rating on the top's leaderboard when 3rd age is release but want to make
sure we give k.i all the flaws we can so they can fix many as they can before the 3rd age
is release and we have to wait another year for a problem to be fix

-Thanks for your kind reply

May 30, 2009
Same thing happens here on my 62 ice warlord, I went from 2200 rating to 2017 in an hour or teo from vsing 100s and being critacled within3 rounds and dieing right away.

Nov 18, 2011
It's probably on how high your rank or you have enabled the Try all opponents button.