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Lvl 1-10 Warlords?

Feb 07, 2010
NalaAlec on Jun 23, 2012 wrote:
All you have to do is get a decent pet (resist,spritely, etc) preferably with a high level card. Buy some high level tc. Shield. Wait for pips. Wand their shield. And then one hit kill your opponent with the high level tc. If he was able to survive, repeat.

An alternate strategy is to team with a high level wizard. The high level attacks. You shield and blade the high level and be the shield breaker.
thats considered puppeting....

Feb 07, 2010
eric123456789028 wrote:
idk how but there's this guy who's a lvl 15 he's a warlord, but that time i was a lvl 42, and i got killed by him. i thought he was so easy at the beginning but is he hacked or something because his lightning bats did 697 with no boosts, and then i checked his stats he only has +3 damage to everything. what the heck is this a bug or what?!?

Wolf SilverSpear ~ Level 45 Pyro
usually when that happens iz b cuz they buy monsterous tc or have a friend gice them monsterous tc

Feb 07, 2010
wolferyna on Jul 28, 2012 wrote:
Actually, not everyone uses puppets or Lots of TC to get to a high rank, I created a ice and he is a captain (702) and i have never used a puppet, I just use monstrous and snow man and shields and heals, in fact, the only TC I use is montrous. Some people actually try and earn there badges, doesn't mean they are fake :) I have veteran gear and heartsteel so my global resist is enough while I do my own spells, which is what a lot of people do, just cause some people use a lot of high lvl TC doesn't mean everyone does......

Joshua UnicornBringer lvl 10 theurgist Captain
Isaiah Griffinthorn lvl 66 sorcerer
yea ur right... only abt 90% do

Aug 23, 2012
I do adept and journeyman pvp quite frequently, and all of my wizards get 14 A.T. when they win a match. The low levels got that rank by skill, using Treasure Cards to their advantage, or a pet spell.

Oct 22, 2009
I got my level 5 fire to warlord without tc, but that was before celestia came out.

It was tough but i got it done. I don't think I can do that again with all those low levels using high level tc anymore, the most I had to deal with back then was level 48 spells, and of course wild bolt!

I did however have a burnzilla with global resist and fire attack boost.

Jan 07, 2010
There are some legit level 1-10 warlords out there no matter what others may say. I myself had 2 warlords at low levels, warlords for a very short time mind you, but they were not puppets and only did 1v1 pvp. The key is to just fight to amass tickets at first, while at the same time mixing pets, raising pets etc if you don't have a good one, then when you have amassed your tickets then use your best pet, you need to have shields at least 1 spirit armor and towers, and you definitely need the high spell TC to hit. It is hard to get to the commander level, but it is possible if you keep trying, I did it with 2 wizards and once they hit over that commander level even if by 1 point and then I was able to run and get the gear all at once. Best suggestion, like others have said, raise a really good pet with resist, spritely and a high hit card.

Jan 07, 2010
loindark on Jul 15, 2012 wrote:
Here are some of the top fake warlords

Amber Fireheart level 80 Fire

Cameron Legend rider

Taylor life walker

Taylor legend blade

Chris Sky shield

Chris Strong Sword

Jack Ash

thats just to name a few
U really should not be naming names as your view of them is just your opinion and there are many wizards out their with identical names. What if an innocent player gets a bad reputation just because they have similar names? I don't know of any of these players, though I have met some in PVP, but we can't say that all players with those names are PVP cheats can we?

Nov 17, 2012
hehehe i see sometimes in ranked pvp they set you up with the right lvl to fight now because when my friend was a lvl 28 ice he kept ranking with wizards his lvl and when i keep pvping now i keep fighting a transcendent or higher so i might be wrong, but that's my opinion don't agree if you don't want to yo! lol (Blaze Moonmender lvl 90 necromancer)

May 24, 2009
Well if you're having issues with getting rank ups a good way is to make a low level wizard get him or her to at least level 5 have a good pet what does good damage and takes only a few pips for an example: Firezilla pet the damage is around 660 - 750 and requires 4 pips that's a strong thing for a 5+ I did that with my Wizard and my wizard is only level 5 and at Captain and i just started a wizard yesterday gave him my Frost hound pet what gives him a card of Orthrus and he's a undefeated Sergeant at level 6.

-Dylan Raincloud
Level 84