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Low Level Arena Ratings

Mar 21, 2009
I currently have some warlord rated low level characters, as low as level 10. I notice the points awarded for pvp has yet again been "adjusted." I now receive 1 to 2 points for a win and 25 to 30 points for a loss.

My questions are:
Is this intentional? If so, explain the thought process behind it.
If it is intentional, do you believe it encourages or discourages pvp for players like me?

Kind thanks for your attention.

Jack Hammer

Dec 20, 2008
Just posted about this also. I am winning 4-5 points against players over twice my level but when I lost link and lost a duel I lost 26 points. Heya JAck Hammer also. I am sophia and a few others and we have talked before. My latest tiny myth is Mindy Mistmancer lol.

Dec 20, 2008
Record: 38-3

Win: v level 25 death
he lost 5 points
I won 4 points

come on KI I win 4 points fighting a guy who is 14 levels higher than me? This is ridiculous

Feb 15, 2010
same thing happend to me like maybe a month ago the guy i was facing was actually pretty weak so i killed him of course but only got maybe 2 points either that or less (which would be 1) and he lost like 9 clearly not a earned win :(

Jul 18, 2009
Yes for some reason this was "important" to mess with.

No explanation given I have found.

My warlord 35th now commander even though my record vs. 50's is way better. Winning one point for beating a fifty and losing 18 is NOT fair.

May 30, 2010
yo sophia whats up just pvped agents you in game you know how much i lost to you 26 points, this is kiley deathmender, level 22 and sophia is level 35? is that really right that i lose that much ranking points? and then when i win i get 4? serously KI? did you really need to do anything to it? put it back to how it was 3 weeks ago, make your costomers happy you will bring in more money...

Dec 20, 2008
Must of been a different sophia because I do not have any magus. Also, all my rankings are high so I fight people way above me not way below me.