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lost connection issue

Nov 16, 2008
I'm really quite proud of my record, and I want to report a lost connection loss that I think should be removed. Or at least tell me its going to be fixed to prevent rediculous losses like this. I clicked quick join, and then accepted to go into the battle arena. However, about a second later I got a lost connection notice and had to select my wizard to get back in. Never even saw the battlefield! Never even saw that distinctive pause before the battlefield gets loaded, not even a change in the background before that connection loss message was posted.

I think that the initial countdown timer should elapse prior to counting against your record! Or at the very least start! Who knows how many ranking points I lost?

In all the time I've played over the past year, I've never lost connection (well except in the test realm), or if I had, its been too long to remember it ever happening. I seriously doubt its on my side.

You have my user id from this email. This is with my Storm character.