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losing your ranking

Dec 23, 2009
This game is not fair and has not been fair.players who have earned armor that makes it impossible to lose with and you say that is fair(wrong)

Nothing is stopping you from earning armor...well, maybe one thing. Starts with "s" and ends with "kill".

Teams who have played together and have learned how to cheat to win and you call that fair.

Learn to make friends.

You call it fair when a knight plays a warlord wrong.

If you're in a queue for more than 3 minutes without getting a match, leave. You know it'll be imbalanced if you sit around for 15 minutes and finally get a match.

You call it fair when the same player hits three bolts in a row and you fizzle five times wrong.

I call it luck. I also call it noobish. Bolt spamming stops becoming "cool" at grandmaster. Actually, long before it.

Fix the game.all it takes is for someone to look at the pvp game and it can be made fair

By using your points? I can sum that up in one of what appears to be your favorite word.


Dec 21, 2008
Well, there are some people in the arena that were warlords with full gear and rank down all they way back to private just to face easy people and get tickets from it. When my storm was a knight, he faced a fire that ranked down to private and went first and made me 30 points! Then, when my storm was magus, I faced people that are grand privates and i was lvl 33 sergeant. I was going second and I see why I was put up against grand. Those grands i battled really stunk. But when I lost, BOOM! 40 points!!!! GONE. My myth, when was a captain faced a knight going second and pretty much same rank as me( he was 699 and i was 701). I lost cause he was first and he played by spam dispelling every time I was about to attack. I lost 21 points! The point system is messed up and I think if you first and win, you get less points second and win, more points, And no one should be able to rank down in the game. It just makes pvp unfair highly.

Jan 29, 2009
My main problem with the ranking down is that I'll earn about 3 points when i beat grands (only lvl 36) but when i lose, I keep losing 28 to 30 points so I cant keep Captain title. =(