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Losing points way too much

Dec 21, 2008
I am right now a warlord in pvp and am a grand. I do not choose to wear pvp gear either. So, one battle, i end up battling a level 50 death that is knight wearing full commander gear. So, he goes first which gives me a huge disadvantage since he's got gear. Then he ends up killing me at the end with wraith. I lost 32 points. I dont wear gear because I dont have the tickets yet( bought vet gear and it helped me rank up). I do not think it is very fair for me to lose this much to a knight wearing pvp gear. I think he was pretty much warlord against warlord and one with low rank and ended up making me lose a lot of points. So, I think the wizard with the lower level or lower rank go first but if the lower ranking has better pvp gear then you, then your first becuase that will make it more even.Also, I think rank does not matter any more once you got full commander gear anymore. I think if you have full commander gear, you should be pretty much counted as a warlord or a commander. So I pretty much, I would like it the person in pvp going first will be the team that has no pvp gear equipped or if there is 2 teams with no gear at both sides facing each other, the team that has the lower rank with all the teams ranked mixed together should go first. And wouldn't you think if you were a corporal battling a private with gear and you don't have any go first and beat you and you lose a lot of points?