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Loremaster should be nerfed

Feb 25, 2009
Any wizard that is under lvl 70 can not purchase the permanent version of Loremaster from Grady. I tested it this morning using my lvl 64 Balance. She does have the TC version and does use it in PvE. She does not PvP.

Those of you having problems with lower level (under lvl 70) wizards spamming/abusing Loremaster in PvP, they are using the TC version.

Under lvl 70, the TC version of Loremaster is the only spell from Grady that can be purchased. None of the permanent spells are open until lvl 70 or above.

Jun 14, 2017
DragonLady1818 on Nov 12, 2019 wrote:
First, I don't use Loremaster on either of my Life wizards but, I do use it on both Balance wizards. I don't have a problem with the pips being raised to 5-6 pips either. I don't agree with removing Weakness or Mantle from the spell UNLESS it is for PvP ONLY. Which defeats the purpose of battling to prove skill. Nerfing spells does NOT do that.

Many of the crafted spells are 5 pips. Raising the pips will reduce the spamming/abuse of Loremaster in PvP.

I am not a bully player nor do I go for easy wins.

As for your last statement, I will refrain from comment.
I like Loremaster at 4 pips or I will have to quit playing wizard101 that means kingsisle lost 3 membership so far.

Do you think kingsisle wants to lose money or gain money as long as Loremaster stays at 4 pips is fair to me.

Always be a family friendly player and help others not just yours self in rank pvp.

Dec 29, 2018
Someone set this to answered
New update it's been nerfed and it doesn't need anymore Nerfing
Onward to another spell