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Looking for a tag team partner

May 04, 2011
Hey what's sup guys I'm John sandthief, I'm looking for a player who is very good at 2v2 pvp. I am trying to get to a rank warlord so I can buy that cool pvp gear for lvl 50. Anyone that can help me I will give you a code for "650 gold along with 3 random items usually pet snacks lvl 6". The more you help me the more codes I will give you. Just let me know if you can help.

Jul 17, 2013
I have had some experience with 2v2 with my buddy Justin. We only lost a couple of games and he got me from 400 rank to 540 and he got himself from captain to warlord and now 1v1 pvp overlord. My stats are 43% damage to fire 9 resist to all but ice and storm. I have 13 to ice and 27 to storm. I think i have about 7% accuracy to fire. 60 or so % power pip. 1% pierce. And good healing percentage. I have satyr and tower shield. I have a bad pet sorry if that bothers you .


Dec 27, 2013
I would love to. I am almost level 45 storm- I have the amplify treasure card as well. If we face storm wizards I have the disspell card. I also have healing spells.