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Looking for a PVP partner

May 23, 2009
Hello fellow wizards!

I am Hunter SpiritGem and I am looking for a PVP practice partner. I am a level 60 ice wizard and enjoy PVP. I have developed strategies that allow me to beat less powerful wizards. Being so easy, it is not as fun. I want to fight the big boys. We will must likely be doing 2v2

So, here are the requirements-
-Must have a wizard over level 42
-Any schools permitted
-Must be a member
-Willing to be online a fair amount of time.

That said, please reply with a little info about your wizard

Please include,
The level of your wizard
What school your wizard is
What your secondary school is
Are you offensive or defensive?

I will select my favorite reply.

Hunter SpiritGem
~ "The Spiral is not in my hands, but all of ours! Teamwork is the key to success!"
-Hunter SpiritGem

May 18, 2010
I would be interested for practice PvP.

A little about my wizard:
Level 80
Secondary: Ice
I'm mainly defensive

I was a [First Age] PvP sergeant (I could of went higher but laid back)

I'm on usually for a "fair" amount of time. I may be cut off sometimes though because my job sometimes ask me to come in. Though I work evening shift so it doesn't happen very often.

I just now looked at the post date but if you're still looking, I'm open.

Sep 01, 2012
I'd love to PvP with you!
I'm a Level 47 Myth Wizard, And I second in Life.
I'm not into Ranked, Or at least on my main Level 47 wizard, It causes too much stress and anger.
I kind of need a PvP partner too, It'll be fun!
That's all I ever join PvP for, Fun
I also quite enjoy training pets, So my Giraffe has pretty good stats too!
I'm kind of a mix of offensive and defensive.
~ Sabrina, The koolest kitty around!