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Little bug when spending tickets

Sep 26, 2012
Ok, so I was in unicorn way earlier right outside the arena trying to buy the level 30 ring from Brandon Mistborn. (sells pvp mounts, gear, etc.) and i already have the level 20 ring from him. Well for some reason everytime i go to buy the level 30 ring, it is red and no matter which ring i highlight, it shows my level 20 rings stats and not the stats of any other ring. It won't let me purchase the rings either. Is this some kind of glitch going on or am I doing something wrong here? Most the time it only shows red if you aren't high enough level, but I know this ring is available once I reach level 30.

P.S. No this is not to be confused with the level 35 ring that diego sells

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
I had the same problem when I leveled up from 20 to 30, all you have to do is unequip the ring and then talk to Brandon.