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Limiting the Number of Treasure Cards Allowed in R

Sep 22, 2008
After reviewing the comments I saw on my topic to ban treasure cards, I see that most people want to keep treasure cards, so I say we keep treasure cards, but they limit the number of copies of the same treasure card.
Example: You can only have 2 Tower Shields and 1 Wild Bolt in your Treasure Cards section of your deck when registering for a ranked match.
If you have too many of a card, the game will tell the player that he/she is not allowed to enter a match because he has too many Tower Shields or Tritons in his treasure card section.

This way people can use the card they want, but not overexcessively, which keeps strategy involved and doesn't allow too much stalling.

Mar 25, 2009
I absolutely love this idead, I actually quite PvP until they fixxed the treasure card factory problem. I will flee any match where they: stun chai, usue wild bolts a ton, and use over 5 treasure card tower shields. I absolutely hate it, because I can't break tower shields without breaking my buffs. That is why I want to completely quit as a balance wizard. The only time I can win is in 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4.

Dec 14, 2008
It's all about strategy. Plan for the worse, then you won't be suprised. LOL!

Feb 03, 2009
A better idea would be to just have Treasure Cards in your sideboard follow the same limitations as your normal spells insofar as the individual deck is concerned. If you have a deck that allows 4 any spell cards and 6 of your school, then this also applies to your treasure cards. Honestly, it should have been like this from the beginning..

May 31, 2008
Now here, is the thing, I LOVE the idea, But my problem is actually, What if the person creates those cards IN the duel?

Also, as i am death, I build up loads of blades,traps,etc, But i don't want all my 12-Round Build up to go in one round because of a sacrifice, so i cast a guiding light on myself, before using Satyr, Etc.

Note: I only carry arounds 4, perhaps more in 4v4. The point is, Limit certain types of treasure cards. Don't let people have 20 Stun Cards or Tower Shields. Limit things more, Just some treasure cards don't need limits.

May 19, 2009
I just want to say i for one love the Dueling,it sharpens skills in many ways.even if you lose you get 3.fleeing is just being Immature and wasting others time.

as far as the treasure cards being limited no why would you want to do that.that would defeat the purpose of having a bigger deck.if someone is stronger than you so what.you learn newer stuff.and see cooler spells.no leave it as it is.if you are planning a big attack that's the way it goes. Don't Whine Cry or Boast or talk CROP just play win or lose. its a game.

P3ac3 Lisa,

Jan 07, 2009
I disagree all the way. Beguile is my favorite spell to use in the arena. Since I'm Balance, I can't use it unless my Death friend makes me treasures. Which she does. But I ALWAYS have a deck full of them. And what if your deck is full of Fire Cats, or Ice Beetles or another weak attack? Then it just becomes unfair. :(

Feb 03, 2009
Beguile is a card with "issues" much like Stun. I'd hardly go around bragging that it's your favorite and you have a deck full of them. Especially since you're Balance and already have so much Judgment hate to deal with.