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Life's new spell, guardian spirit.

Aug 28, 2010
jjn902 wrote:
To he "2 Pip spell nerfed guy" I am a storm 80 I can hit 5000 damage with Garg wild bolt no critical so yea it's very POSSIBLE!!!!!

Well, my brother hit for 2199 on a fire wand that was suppose to hit 110.
Yes, it can be done, but who is going to be able to do that in PVP?
That's the whole point here, yeah you can do that, but in PVP you would never have a chance to play like you can in PVE.
The difference between PVE and PVP is like night and day, they are not even close. No one seems to get that concept.


Sep 30, 2009
doudjy wrote:
darthjt wrote:
Lion359 wrote:

But even with the TC version of Doom and Gloom up, the Wizard will still heal for at least 500, and the other wizard will be out of pips. Unless he plans this very carefully and gets the right cards at the right time.
If I took my life into PvP, I see him as immortal now.


Who is to say the other wizard will be out of pips? How can you make this statement as it is a fact? Also, being as powerful as we are at level 80, did you know that a rank 2 spell can do 1000 damage? Now, seeing as no school except ice typically has over 50% universal resistance, that 2 pip spell can easily take out the life wizard.

Again, this will all go to who is more prepared for PvP and first turn advantage, but this is not effecting the spell being overpowered, that is all in the minds of the players and their strategies. If people dont look for a way to defeat a spell, then they will never find a way to defeat a spell.

I just love it when you typically make these kind of assumptions as if no one else play the game? A 2 pip spell can easily take out a life wizard? What spell is that Darth?? Because I have not seen it. In another thread, you also stated that there are 2 pip spells that can do over 4000 hit. Again, What spell is that? If you are referring to bolt, I will tell you that even a critical bolt will NOT do this kind of damage. Several other factors such as blades (more than one), bubble, and a really low resist in order for a wild bolt to do close to 4000 hit. Beisides, storm is the ONLY school with a 2 pip spell that can do over 2000 hit without any blades, traps or bubble. So does that mean only storms should have the tools to deal with life's new spell?

Additionally, let me say this, you are NOT the only player who knows how to play this game. Every time some one complain about something (unless it's storm being "nerfed") you jump in to talk about how people "whine" and don't use "strategies". I have been playing this game for a long time, and I have over 1365 rank, MOST of which acquired through 1v1. I consider myself one of the BEST 1v1 player in this game, because I have dealt succesfully with some of pvp's biggest flaws, and I think this spell is flat out overpowered. You can talk about bringing dispels all you want, you are NOT going to prevent a life wizard from casting a life spell. You cannot cast a life dispel every round, and even if you could, it's all about guessing. If the life wizard is first, then you have no way of preventing that at all.

Now, let's talk about after the spell is cast. So, the life wizard has casted the spell, now you have to work on not only killing the wizard, but ALSO how to kill him AGAIN, right after he's back. Because if you don't, the wizard will cast ANOTHER one on himself, and the process has to be start again. On another thread you mentioned how satyr could do 4000 health, really? Not only is a huge boost required, but that satyr would HAVE to be criticaled, and who has the more chance of criticalling a satyr... LIFE!

Other than storm wizards, it takes a BIG combo to take out any opponents in the arena. For fire, it might be a fully loaded hound, or a very well prepared efreet. For myth it might be a really good medusa, or orthrus. In any case, you will certainly NOT have the resources to cast 2 fully loaded spells to kill a life wizard twice (in a row) to prevent the latter from casting another Guardian spirit. So, a life wizard can basically cast a Guardian spirit and worry about taking you out, while you have to worry about how to do the same thing TWICE! THAT is the main problem with the spell!
dude you just insulted me and all fire wizards not to mention all storm myth wizards by underestimting all our power. my efreet with just colossal can do around 1900 damage. give me a simple blade and trap and it goes up to 3000 btw i see storm wizards easily doing 1500 damage with tempest easily with only 4 pips so imagine wild bolt witch you under estimate. and myth i have no idea but i will say you underestimated them in there defence. so do you really see us all as that weak doud because if you do then than means you have bad gear that gives you no damage boost at all so go get yourself some good damage boost gear try out some spells and come back and tell me what you think of level 80 wizards damage then

Sep 30, 2009
doudjy wrote:
darthjt wrote:

Obviously, you did not read what Joe stated. He said, that when a Doom & Gloom is present, life will have around 500 health after the guardian spirit spell revives them. If you play the game so much, you know that a 2 pip spell can easily do 500 damge. Even with life having resistance.

In case of a fire wizard, yes, I can do over 500 hit with a sunbird (3 pips), but with a fire elf, I would have to wait at least 2 turns to see an overall damage of 500.

What 2 pip spell can do 500 damage? Storm Bats, Troll, Leprechaun, Scorpion, need I go on?
what fire spell can do 500 damage for 2 pips in one turn?

Seriously, Wildbolt will not do this? Does your storm have 50% damage boost? Ok, let me walk you through this, shall I? Storm, even at an 80% damage boost + 1000 damage Wild Bold + 275 or a 300 Colossal enchantment + critical = 4680 for 2 pips. Yes, you can then subtract life's maybe 42 resistance. Did life survive? Point was, you said 4000 damage could not be done when it can.
Ok, Darth, I respect for the same reasons you respect me. You are usually very precise and on point, unlike some people on the threads. However, I was surprised here. I think you might need to revise your math. Let's take a closer look at this:
So, a storm wizard put a colossal on a wild bolt, and here are the resulting numbers: 285, 375, and 1275
now let's work some math:
first let's apply storm's boost (80%):
The damage becomes:
Let's apply the 42% resist:
The final damage becomes:

Hardly 4000, is it?

Sorry, I just proved that it does not take any blades, bubbles, or traps for storm to hit for 4k damage. Now, imagine if there was a blade or trap, even a feint. Yowza!
Sorry, but I just proved you wrong. Revise your math buddy. It is very unlike you to make such mistake...

But all the other schools can easily do 500 damage even with the life resistance for 2 pips.
I discussed this above

Actually, all schools have the ability, But you have to be ready, you have to carry doom and gloom. You have to expect this scenario.
I expect every scenario in pvp, unless i haven't seen it yet. And I always carry doom. I would not pvp without it.

Never said I was the only player that knows how to play this game. However, most posts are people whining about spells, tactics, and gear. People are not trying to form strategies and how to defeat a specific spell.
No, dispels will not always work, sometimes they will, sometimes they wont. Doom & Gloom is a good way to prevent that massive healing though, which will enable you to defeat life easily that 2nd time.

I agree, but what I'm saying is that doom is usually cast in the middle of a duel, or right after one feels like he/she has gained the upper hand; hardly, in the begining of a duel. Life wizards usually cast the spell right when they get the necessary pips. As I'm writing this, I just learned that KI has lowered it to 15%, I don't think that's going to make much difference. I would rather it stay at 25% and it can't be critical and can't be cast twice on the same olayer.

I love how you are stating defeating them again. Like every single time, Guardian spirit will completely and totally revive them to full health.
You don't think a life wizard getting over 2800 hp from the spell basically you have to kill them again?

I did state this on another thread, also stated that it had to be critical and that life is best suited for this. However, Storm has healing Current, which can also critical heal for 4000 with proper healing boosts, Balance can easily critical heal for 4000, same as life can. Point was, life was not the only school that can easily heal. Even other schools with a life mastery amulet can heal for 2000 without a critical. What point did you have here?
I don't mind the healing Darth, I never did. I know life has always been great healer, and that was fine by me. But Guardian Spirit is more than just healing, it's giving a player who has been defeated another shot. totally different!

Actually, it all depends on the scenario. A myth can very easily take out anyone with 1 Basilisk spell and have plenty remaining for life's guardian spirit and then follow up with a Minotaur to finish life Off.
Basilisk is a 9 pip spell, and minotaur is a 5 pip spell, which add up to 14 pip (12, considering a pip will be gained after the life wizard comes back to life). It's not impossible, but you see how unlikely it can be. And what about the other schools, can they all land such heavy double attack?

Or are you scared of a challenge? Having to outhink your oppenent.
Me scared of a challenge? I face that every day when I pvp. Outhinking is somethig that I've been doing to get my rank
i only care about the part where you said what fire move can do 500 in one turn. I CAN DO 500 for ONE pip if i have mounstrous on my fire cat

Sep 30, 2009
doudjy wrote:
darthjt wrote:

Hey now, we said 500 damage for 2 pips, nothing about DoT. I dunno, did you try the firebats treasure card? That has a slight chance of getting close. Still does not change the fact that 500 damage can be done for 2 pips.

Yes, because I carry every fire spells that exists in my deck...because I have 1000 spots in my deck.

Woah, hold on there pilgrim, you are forgetting to add in the 20% armor piercing from Infallible and the 2 or 3% armor piercing from the wand.
Seriously?? I just read your previous post, and you did NOT mention anything about a tc infallible being involved, much less that 2% pierce from wand you just added.

Now, with 22% armor piercing, you really might want to check your math again. Even use a Colossal Treasure card. Point is, it Can be done.
LOL, ok, let me check it again, just for ya.
first let's apply storm's boost (80%):
The damage becomes:
Let's apply the 22% piercing:
Now let's apply the new resist:
The final damage becomes:
4590-918= 3672
hmm, we still can't reach the magic number of 4000. Are there any other factors you wanna add.

No mistake was made, you just did not add in all the factors to the equation.
First off, you did NOT mention those factors before
Second, I just proved to you that even with the added factors, the numbers don't get to 4000.

Don't blame me that fire is mostly DoT spells.
wait, what?? Who is blaming anyone for anything??

Fire Cat comes pretty close to most 2 pip spells for other schools.

Of course, many of you are giving up a lot of damage boost for insane healing boosts, by using the cosmic kris and stellar signet, when you can use the crafted athame for 25% incoming boost and get a damage boost increase. But everyone has their own preferences.
Many of you?? Are you referring to me? Because I don't think I mentioned here what kind of ring and athame I use. But for the record, I still use the lvl 66 athame that gives 24% incoming boost, and the stellar signet ring.

You could have to do this with Satyr if you left them with 1 health, would you not?
Again, I do NOT have a problem with satyr because no matter how much a life heal, I know that once I kill him/her, the match is OVER. This is NOT the case for Guardian Spirit.

Also, this 2800 hp, is still stating that life is always hitting critical
Actually, life does NOT need to critial the spell get 2800 on it. How can you not know this?

Sorry, but to be a good pvp player, you must be ready, for any school at any time. If you are constantly allowing these things to happen to you, you can't be as good as you think and say you are.
And I am always ready for any school. Allowing what to happen? A life casting the spell in the 3rd or 4 round? Whoa, that must be very hard for them to do, and easy for one to not allow

Why would any school need a double attack?
why you asked? Hmm, let's see, the first one to take the life out, and the second one, to take him/her out again once he revives.

Like if Fire cast Rain of Fire and then cast a stun.
yeah, because fire typically carries rain of fire for 1v1

Stuns cost 0 pips to cast.
Which stun? The fire one or the myth one? If you're talking about the one from the Nevermore Talon wand, then what wand was used earlier giving the 2% pierce? So, is the wizard carrying 2 wands?

Then why are you constantly complaining about this one spell and stating a bunch of what if's.
Wait, am I the only making assumptions? You assume that the storm wizard will get a wild bolt right when he needs it, that he will hit a 1000 on it, that he will critical it, and the opponent won't block.
You also assumed the fire will get the rain of fire at the right time, that he will get a stun RIGHT AFTER that.
You also assumed that dispel and doom and glooms will always come up at right time. Do I need to go on?

Also, you are taking this spell to the extreme everytime to try and prove a point, when it dulls the point.
how ironic? Didn't you do the same for wild bolt? You have constantly changed, or not mention things to prove a point.

Life will not always hit a critical on this heal. Life will not always get to cast this spell when doom & gloom is not present.
Because fire will always get cast rain of fire? Myth will always get to cast basilisk? Storm will always get to critical and get no block? You see where I'm going with this, don't you?

Also, life's Sancturary spell is 3 pips, while Doom & Gloom is 2 pips. So the war rages on!
Right, because my side deck is only full of doom and glooms.
i keep reading post after post coming from you and you always insult fire!!! let me ask you do you hate fire wizards? do you have a fire wizard? are you jealous of fire wizards? from what i am seeing on the forums fire is getting beast at pvp!!! heck sometimes( now i am not serious or anything is just sometimes seems like it lol) i feel like my moves are way more powerfull than sotrm moves when i am in battle with one. so why dont you go and get your facts straight on the power of fire

Sep 30, 2009
doudjy wrote:
darthjt wrote:

Really? I need to tell you how important deck management is? Too many of one thing is bad, too few is also bad. Not having what you need, especially, when you need it is horrific.
No, you do not need to tell me how important deck management is. I genuinely believe that I have the best deck set up possible for a fire. And btw, it is because I know how important deck management is that I don't carry Rain of Fire.

Seriously?? I have to tell you about all the variables? I said it is possible for storm to hit 4000k, those are my exact words.
Wait, I'm sorry, did I add something?? I used your OWN variables. And actually, here are you exact words:
"Seriously, Wildbolt will not do this? Does your storm have 50% damage boost? Ok, let me walk you through this, shall I? Storm, even at an 80% damage boost + 1000 damage Wild Bold + 275 or a 300 Colossal enchantment + critical = 4680 for 2 pips. Yes, you can then subtract life's maybe 42 resistance. Did life survive? Point was, you said 4000 damage could not be done when it can."
Note: I just copied this and pasted it, so I didn't change anything.
So, I used your own variables (80% damage boost, colossal, critical, and 42% resit) and it did NOT get close to the number you said. So, where am I wrong here??

And it's still true.
what is still true? That storm can do over 4000 hit with the variables you proposed? Then, my math is wrong. Why don't you show me your own calculations where the numbers add up to 4000?

Treasure card Colossal adds 25 more,

and storm can have 114% damage boost if wanting to, but I lowered it all the way down to 80%, since that was where most people say storm is at.
Then maybe you should have done the math with 80% boost to verify that it would do 4000.

WoW, really? 3672 and this is stating that Life has spell proof 10, defy 5, Waterworks Gear, which does not have good critical stats for Guardian Spirit, which you all are stating criticals nearly 100% of the time.
Wait, I'm sorry, are you not the one who proposed the 42% resist? It doesn't matter if it's with proof and defy. That's irrelevant. YOU came up with the 42% resist. Now, why is that suddenly a problem?? Oh, maybe because the numbers don't add up to 4000.
And, like I said before, a life with a high boost will STILL get a large amount of health back regardless if he/she criticals.

Also stating that storm is not using any other armor piercing, or only using 80% of the 114% storm can have.
Ok, you REALLY need to come with a definitive sets of variables. Maybe 300 critical storm, over 100% damage boost, 5% added pierce on gear, and facing a life with 22% resist to storm. In any case, let me know when you have a definitive sets of variables, because every time you keep adding them, and I'm lost.

No, I say this again, 4000 can be done by storm for 2 pips. Say what you want, but you cant change facts!
Can bats do over a million damage? Well yes, of course! The likelihood of this happening in pvp though? Slim to none!
And what facts? I used YOUR facts to prove YOU that it was not possible. Now, why don't you come up with other facts to prove me wrong?

First off, you say you are Warlord, I should not have to tell you all the factors, you should know what they are.
I'm sorry, but I used your own factors. Next time, check them before you post them. Because someone just might prove you wrong. And besides, I DID say that others factors such as blades, bubble and trap would have to be involved to get to your number, did I not?

Second, you proved that only under the factors that I have mentioned, it does 3672, which, as anyone that knows pvp, can easily be turned to 4000 with a couple more damage boost, armor piercing, or a less resistant pet on life. Which Does happen!
Well, of course I used your own factors to prove you that. THAT was my point all along, was it not? Second, what if I throw in a storm shield for the life? THAT is also a factor? What? is the life not allowed to shield?

You are trying to stack the deck in your favor.
And so are you Darth. And no, I am trying to be realistic. I have watched countless of pvp involing storm spammers, and not ONCE, in a pvp match involving warlords did I see a storm hit a 4000 bolt. I have seen over 2500 bolt though. Heck, one even criticaled me once for 2600. But, 4000, I haven't seen it, and there is a reason for that. It's just not realistic! It's not impossible, but it's unrealistic.

If you know they are life, you know this is coming, you cast Doom & Gloom, you were gonna cast it anyways,
Doom and gloom is a very tricky spell, and you should know this. I can't count how many times have I seen the person who cast doom and gloom regret it. It's not a spell you use just because you know you are facing a life. I believe you should know this Darth, since you seem so knowledgeable about pvp. This spell is a lot like a dispel, it has to be perfectly timed!

just now, you have to cast it sooner than later. Once they have this spell cast, under doom & gloom conditions, it's not like life can stack this spell over and over.
Refer to above...

You made it sound like you were talking a double attack, like minotaur or orthrus. Every school can be take out an enemy and be ready for a second attack and if you did not get the pips, stun your enemy, buy yourself a round.
stun rarely comes up when you need it, EVEN when you have it as tc as well.

Well, maybe you should start. I told you and everyone else, sometimes, you have to rethink your strategies.
Darth, I don't know if you have a fire, or if you do, do you pvp much with him. Because this is the kind of statement that make it feels like you don't know much about the school. I have NEVER seen any good fire pvper use Rain of fire in 1v1, and neither do I. Why would I? I usually do carry 2 tcs dragons though. But, it's only to deal with talos spammers! With the additions of those 2 cards, I have 10 spells in my deck that can take out a talos.

Are you serious? You do know that you can buy stun treasure cards in the bazaar, right?
Oh, no I didn't know that. Thanks for informing me Darth... sigh
Besides, why would I waste a spot on my sideboard deck, when there is much more important spells I could add? My deck already feels like it's too small.

If you are fire and you don't have stuns, all I can say is WOW.
Yes, Darth, surprise! I don't carry stuns, and I do extremely well without it. Even IF I wanted to carry some, I could not find a spot for it in my deck.

The #1 strategy after a DoT ever since triage was released, to either use a stun or to cast fire elf/link.
First, what makes you think I'm a hound user? (I do carry it, though, but use it only on certain situation).
Second, I always double my hound when I use them or use a link after it.
And third, my wand provides me with 2 stuns, which is more than I need.

There are a bunch of factors in PvP, hence, why it is called PvP. To state that life will always critical, or always be at full health after Guardian spirit, to state it is impossible to take life out immediately after their ressurection is a false statement.
wait, when/where did I say it was impossible to take out a life after they come back to life? Why would I call something I have done impossible?

I am giving you options, ways to see the error of your ways. I am trying to tutor you.
Let me tell you this, I look at my deck EVERY time before I pvp, and after pvp. Pvp is evolving, and I am evolving with it. And, you are trying to tutor me?? Haha! well, I wonder what my rank would be if my deck had spells like rain of fire, and immolate for 1v1. Come on now Darth, let's stop joking for a moment, you couldn't possibly tutor me anything about fire. That is MY domain, and I'm VERY good at it!

Is that not what PvP is all about? Now, what you have done, is nerf a spell. Does it change anything or any of the factors? Nope sure doesn't. Now life will simply use guiding light, then Guardian spirit. All of these complaints have done nothing except nerf a good spell, because people are too stubborn to look and think of ways to defeat a spell.
Well, like I said, I would NOT mind the 25%, but just don't add critical and boost to it. You seem to think that all spells are good and fair. Hmm, maybe they should bring wild bolt the way it was. With so much accuracy being added to attacks (infallible), I'm sure it'd be fair!

Are you always facing life?
How am I supposed to know who I'm going to face??

Are you always facing life with full resistance, with 100% criticals?
Of course not! Just like storm doesn't always have 114% damage boost, and over 200 critical. It applies to BOTH sides!

Enough with the overexaggeration of this one spell!
I'd say the same for wild bolt hitting over 4000. Talk about "overexaggeration"!

To your last paragraph...
I HAVE defeated the spell, Darth, a lot! And, what are you talking about?? The spell JUST came out, and I have had a rank over 1200 since last year! How would that have changed anything??
Lastly, I have never, and I mean NEVER used the puppet team strategy! I ONLY pvp with people of my level, and close to my rank (overlord). I have had a team for over 6 months now, and I only pvp with these guys! Most of the time I only 1v1, which I am HUGE fan of!
could you just plz add a normal storm blade and feint or a normal storm trap witchever you want