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Life Wizard Overlord??

May 24, 2009
I'm a level 50 life wizard, and I'm sick of always losing in pvp. I want to prove that life wizards can make overlord too. Any tips? thank you!

May 06, 2009
I being a life wizard my self also ponder over this. What I am doing and seems to work is have either high damage for 1v1 or have high resist and healing (out and incoming) for 3v3 and 4v4... At the moment I do more 1v1 with a damage of 85. My critical block is lower and same for most of my resistance, but I can pack a hit with a rank 6 card.

Another idea is to get better gear. Try crafting gear, I just started this my self because I thought there was no need for craft gear, but I was WRONG. Hopefully something that I have said has helped.

Ps. One last this is to get a pet that has all the needs.
-Resist (proof and defy)
-Heals (sprite, fairy and unicorn)

Or one with mostly damage and heals. (what I use)
-Damage (pain giver, lifegiver, life dealer)
-Resist (proof)
-Heal (fairy)

Best of luck!