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Life pvp: Infection vs. Unbalance

Jul 23, 2009
Hi, all! I just made a Life type pvp wizard, and realized with Tangle, you can already stop most wizards from healing. Balance is the exception. Infection counters Availing Hands well, and puts you ahead in the pip race, but Unbalance may block the heal, possibly a Judgement, maybe even a Reshuffle. Unbalance seems to better choice because of it's versatility, yet I am worried about it being wanded off. The concept of using 2 power pips to block a 2 power pip Availing hands doesn't seem exactly benefitial either. Any advice?

Mar 07, 2011
In first position Unbalance can devastate a Balance wizard. After a big attack, cast it, and you probably will dispel an availing hands. Cast it when he has full pips, you might just catch him casting a judgement.

But infection is better against balance. You will never be able to thwart all his Availing Hands. But multiple infections can really hurt balance.

I know. I am Balance.

Stats: Without infection AH= 1500 health.
If you had a zero pip spell that did 750 damage, would you use it?