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Life heals/jading

Feb 26, 2010
The ranked arena is just taken over by life and death wizards that just jade with heal/shield spam and beguile spam.
The reduction of healing from criticals only made everyone into jades (also nerfed balance more) and its very boring to que up in the arena and have a 2hour jade match where you ultimately waste your time and lose.

Somehow nerf jading whether its getting rid of beguile or nerfing heals for incoming and not critical because the critical nerf really only made balance an even worse school didn't effect life wizards at all.

This is coming from a salty balance that can't blade stack against one.

Mar 09, 2018
I agree that changing crit healing was not the move, but it still does need to be nerfed down a little bit [maybe 1.75-2x? seems like it'd work]

Beguile in the arena is a little bit broken especially when the other player is in shrike. A beguile shield is something I've seen a couple people ask for but hasn't gained much traction, and I think it'd be a good thing to have.

Another option is banning jade gear & high resist gear like the Spooky Carnival Robe from 1v1 only. It needs to be left alone in teams since it's okay there, but in 1v1 I think banning jade gear & spooky robe would go over just fine - the objective is to beat your opponent, not make them run out of cards.

Nov 18, 2009
Could not agree MORE. I do believe KI has plans in store to deal with jade strategies (hopefully I'm right). And one of those plans might be turning resist into a "rating" which is something I've heard about? Any confirmation that plans are in store to do something about jade strategies in PvP would be really nice to hear though.

I'm personally not even going to PvP on most of my characters until something is done about jades. Certain schools are of course better against jades, although the jades just add an extra ward on their pets to those schools. Also, I refuse to jade in 1v1 on my Life... and so honestly my Life has just been put on the back burner until jading is not the most effective strategy for Life anymore. Been waiting a while.