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Life and 1v1

Dec 31, 2011
I know that many people think life have no chance at 1v1 or Player vs. Player. Because when I was in 2v2. These 2 people named Valkoor and Cody I think their names were that, were saying that life is all heal. But really. Being a healer doesn't mean you can't be an attacker. Sure, life may not be the STRONGEST in Player vs. Player, but trust me, I am great at 1v1. A 9-7 win and loss is good for a life. So anyone who says life can't win in 1v1. You VERY messed up.

If you agree, please tell me you do, because they should get reported if they say that. One of them reported me for reporting him for no reason. But in the text box, you saw it in there.

-Life For Life-
~Matthew BattleHead 81 Life~

Jan 03, 2011
Lol, life is a very good school in 1v1, but 9-7 isnt the best ratio. Life is scary cause most blade, feint, shatter gnome.

Apr 18, 2010
You can't report people cause they say life is bad. Also, my honest opinion is that life is bad in 1v1, unless they magus with myth mastery. Life is a team school, so they do much better in team pvp.

Mar 05, 2011
Ahem. David do you 1v1? Ever seen a life blade stack then do a 4,000 base hit spinysaur? They are extremely good at 1v1, and team play its a well rounded school.

Wolf Nightcaller lvl 90 balance 1st age warlord

Nov 17, 2012
hehehehe life is awesome I think i might make a life when i finish my ice.... but back to topic. life is great at pvp especially 1v1. In 2v2 3v3 and 4v4 they can spam rebirth to stay alive lol and on 1v1 they can focus on healing themselves with a satyr and a pixie and summon a sprite minion so they can get healed by them while they focus on preparing an attack. life is really 60% heal and 40% attack. and they can spam guardian spirit and noone comment "guardian spirit isn't that good a spell because we don't wanna waste any pips," you can just elucidate on it most of the time YO so that is what i think of life in pvp PS: guardian spirit is mostly a pvp spell (or i could be wrong rofl) (Blaze Moonmender promethean)

May 18, 2010
Life all the way, no question asked :P

I've been insulted so many times because I win a PvP. Ok..good for me..? All of them claim I healed/shield too much. Lol, so what-that's my strategy.

I know quite a few life wizards who are more offensive than defensive. Going against my same school can be a little scary (especially going second) because I can only shield with Tower Shields. If I'm going second, I'm blindly dispelling, lol.

I don't regret making life my primary school at all. It's just annoying that some have the Jade gear and so to some, it automatically makes all life cheaters/bad reputations.