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Level difference a little excessive

Sep 19, 2010
On my death warlord, level 33, it's common for me to end up fighting masters, grandmasters, and occasionally a very inexperienced legend. Recently when I entered a game though, I was up against someone with 4000 health. I have 1352 health. They went first, they had a pet with Fairy, Unicorn, and double resist, they were a knight, and they had 65% resist(had some Jade on). After the match was over (3.5 hours later, when my minion finally killed them), I saw that they were level 74. I have around 1300 rank, and I know that you're fighting higher and higher level people as you go, but this was just insane; If it wasn't for Otis casting Fairies and Tower Shields every turn, and my minion having a 6 Weakness streak, might have finally had a loss. I'm starting to think that a cap among levels might be good, because fighting 3.5 hours for 16 rank and 28 tickets just isn't worth it when my level 10 warlord can win about 35 in that time. At the very least, having my reshuffle actually work would be nice, since that way at least I could keep the minion going and continue shielding longer(Its hard to get past the fact they have 14 cards more than me, and can pack 2 more reshuffle, not counting our tc decks). Promethean fighting having to be kill within a few turns or just give in to the fact that they are going to shield it out for 6 hours is bad enough, but now I might have to just completely drop back to initiate pvp(Until my initiate gets up to fighting grandmasters, 45 is highest level I've had yet though).

Malorn AshthornWarlord