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Let's discuss the advantages of going last.

Jan 12, 2010
And sorry, but I can't think of any.

What wonderful advantages make it worth it to let your opponent counter every single blade, trap and ward you cast while you can never counter theirs (because once you see theirs it's already too late)?

It seems like going first gives you multiple advantages while going last gives you nothing but disadvantages. It also seems to be a popular belief that going first = win. I've also not found one single counter this argument across this forum.

So feel free to set me straight. Why would I ever, ever want to go last?

May 31, 2009
I hear you, Ferret - going second is no fun.

I'm a warlord around 1500 and, at this point, I don't play many slackers in 1v1. Still, the advantages of going first are so overwhelming that I haven't lost going first in 20+ matches. I do win going second sometimes, but it's alway a confluence of luck and...well, luck. Sure I have a strategy, but it usually it comes down to the the right cards for me, the wrong cards for them, a fizzle here or there.

I can think of several ways things could be changed to make it more fair - give the person going 2nd a few extra seconds to counter what the first player is doing, for example - but each idea would radically change the way pvp is done. Ergo, NOT going to happen.

BUT, I do have a suggestion that would be easy to implement. You ask why you would ever WANT to go 2nd - what if it meant double points? If you lose going second, it's same old same old, but if you WIN - you GET double points, and your opponent LOSES double.

Now, if it was like then, THEN wouldn't you want to go second? Well, probably not, but it most definitly would make going second a little less unappealing.


Mar 01, 2009
I do like the double points for winning going second...

Going second means you need to act faster. One example: Most of us know that at 7pips a storm wizard will most likely cast Storm Lord, so when you see 3 power pips you need to cast Stun Absorb or minus Accuracy on them. Get them to fizzle then you attack gets cast first. I know there are many other variables to consider, but this is a cut and dry example.

But, fear not! I have thought of a solution to whose on first...I mean goes first or second. Someone may have thought of this, but I have not read it anywhere. This solution is ALTERNATE. In combats where there are 2 or more people on each side, you alternate back and forth for each round. Team A player 1 goes first, then Team B player 1 goes next, Team A player 2 is third, Team B player 2 forth, and so on and so on.

Yes, someone still has to go first, let that person be the person in the SUN circle...because the day begins when the sun comes up...idk.

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Aug 24, 2009

Ok.... so what about this ...

i am not even ranked yet ... for me its more about the challange of the person and my cards ... but your asking is it for our benift from going second ... lol no ... i do win more when i go first though...

May 23, 2009
Totally agree with this post. A simple fix is a number guess from each team 1-1000. The team that chooses the closest number to the randomized number goes first. If the teams choose the same number or same closeness, then do another randomized guess until one team is closer.

I do like the double points idea too.

But until anything is (if it is ever) implemented, much agreed you have to act fast and think ahead going second. My strategy is definitely more defense at first too, but I try to attack quicker than 7 pips for sure if I go second. A Feint and 4 pip or 5 pip attack spell means they are worried about healing instead of attacking. Giving you the upper hand instead which changes the whole ball game!

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Aug 14, 2009
Dec 26, 2009
If the team that goes first heals a player and the team that goes second uses an on all attack, it can defeat the player that was healed.

Apr 03, 2010
fourmyant wrote:
If the team that goes first heals a player and the team that goes second uses an on all attack, it can defeat the player that was healed.

I dont think you realise the topic of this post.

You cant attack when you are stunned from a storm lord, and if you dont want to waste a training point on a stun shield, there is no way to stop this. And also, they wouldnt need to be healed. They would already have full health, unless you keep using a low rank spell like sunbird.