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KI, please consider a change

Jul 04, 2009
I waited more than a half an hour to get into a pvp match. I was looking forward to testing my skills against my fellow players, and maybe making a new friend along the way. What I ended up with was a match in which I had to just stand there and watch the other team play without being able to participate.

I don't really care whether I win or lose, I just want to play. But it's terribly frustrating when I wait all that time, work so hard to set up my deck just right, and then I don't get to cast ONE SPELL. Not one! This is becoming a regular problem. What is the point in playing a pvp match if the other team just stuns you constantly, and you never get to cast a single spell? This is not fun. I don't pay money for this game and wait all that time and work so hard on my character just to stand there and watch every one else play.

Please, KI, consider making a change that would end this situation. You can either: (1) take stunning out completely, (2) make it so we can choose to be in games that block stunning, or (3) make the stun shield worth two hits, so chainers can't just take the shield off in the same round and re-stun you in the next (and the next, and the next...) round.

Once a character gets to grandmaster, pvp is about all that is left to do. If I can't do anything but stand there and watch others play, I'm just going to lose interest all together.

A lot of us think this is unfair, and while we LOVE Wizard101 and really want to be here, a lack of response in this area is really becoming frustrating and making the game less worth the effort and money.

Please consider finding a remedy to this situation, so that every player who joins a pvp match gets to actually participate in the fun.

Thank you.