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Keen vs Tough?

May 29, 2009
Seen storm wizards with 47% hit rate with a wild bolt but can't add tough to crow?

That some good balance to pvp....

May 31, 2009
while storm guys love keen for the most part these cards go unused. as for your problem with tough and death you should know death cards like ghoul, vampire, wraith, and scarecrow are not just attack cards that is why tough doesn`t work with them.

Feb 14, 2009
Tough increases DAMAGE to attacks scarecrown doesnt so damage it DRAINS that is why it isnt affected by absorb. So use keen eye and dont compain. make a storm and you use keen eye on bolt then they could use tough on it but its strong enough for then. use tough on skeleton or something if you want to use it so bad

May 29, 2009
I can still use blades with crow, why not add a tough card to it?

Telling me a Crow with 480 base dmg is that much more to fear? And the 40 heath per hit is truly going to trun the battle around?

Storm lords still do more dmg and it stun each wizard, how many storm wizards would want crow? Now lets ask how many death wizards want storm lord, I would throw my hand up :p

Also already have a grand storm wizard, with full grand gear. I put tough on my storm lords since the gear give me a great hit rate and always like tough over keen and tired of beiung force with keen eyes on my death wizard.