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Just the OK gear with a OK pet= pvp commander

Jun 23, 2011
Here is a little story for these who think they are "bad" at pvp: I'm a lvl 82 death wizard with a pet that only have spell proof, pain giver, power pip. With all waterworks wear. Without spending any crowns on anything, I'm a pvp commander, waterworks wear is a very good gear for pvp or you can use the crafted gears. Is all about how you play the cards, is about how you blade, how you shield, is about how you use your school to the limit, knowing your school.

Gear: 50%
Pet: 25%
Skill: 70%
And yes I know this is not 100%, because you need to give more then 100% to become a warlord.

Jun 26, 2009
Good gear is great. Nice pet is great too, but it all about the deck. What you put in it and how you use it.

Jul 30, 2012
Basic skill is required. But if I given $200 to spend on bundles and crown items think how much easier it becomes.

An engineered wizard is unstoppable in the spiral, and assuming the player has reasonable skill can dominate pvp. Huh what's that?

1. Take your first wizard through avalon/azteca.
- you now have access to reagents, unlimited wealth, and tc's.
2. Create your pvp wizard. You can zip it up to a specific optimum level and keep it there.
3. Zip your pvp wizard through all the crafting quests. Craft whatever spells. Easy peasy shared-banking stuff to it, including amber, turqouse, etc.
- your lower leveled pvp wizard can now craft anything. Anything!
4. Shared-bank optimal pets and gear to your pvp wizard.
5. Trade your unlimited tc's to your pvp wizard using an inbetween xfer wizard.
6. Purchase $200 of bundles and gear specific for the pvp wizard.
7. Experiment and practice using a junk pvp wizard.

So you really think any casual player or 12yo kid has a chance against this?

You think that's wayyy too involved for any player to do? Well think again, it's pretty easy.

~ Rottenheart.

Aug 28, 2010
Mr Talon on Jun 25, 2013 wrote:
Good gear is great. Nice pet is great too, but it all about the deck. What you put in it and how you use it.
This is absolutely true, imo, no questiion at all. I have seen Warlords with poor stats on gear, poor stats on their pets, and yet they are still Overlords. I watched one player that was a level 50 against a level 80, that almost won the match. After the battle, I looked at his rank, it was 1620, and then I looked at this gear. Some of the worst Stats I have ever seen, in pet or gear. So I told the guy, he is most likely the best player I have ever seen in pvp. To win over and over again, with such poor stats is to me, very impressive.

So, imo, Mr. Talon has it absolutely correct, it's all about the Setup of the Deck, it's all about How you Use it.
The timming, controlling the tempo, knowing when to heal, Knowing how to setup your deck while in play, knowing when to go for the kill, it's all about xp.