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Just My Rant.............

Feb 15, 2009
Today i was going into an arena battle with my friend and too other random wizards. It was a 4v4. 2 of the wizards on the other team were grandmaster life. One was part life. On our team I was the only healer. I dont think the match system is very fair. The other team used rebirth at least 6 times. It wasn't very fair. I got really mad and i just couldnt stand it. And then I just had to open my big mouth and told them this was getting old and that i was sick of there constant healing and absorbs when they didnt even need it that much. So they ended up winning. I just got so mad and it put me in a bad mood. I do realize that I was a terrible sport. That was just because this guy who was originally cheering for us started cheering for the other team cause he thought we were terrible. The reason i got so mad because I wanted to prove myself to him. I have nothing against life people (Well i am part life so yea) but some of them go way to far with healing. Just one of my random rants. Please dont critisize me on this. I would just like to see some replies about what you think. Even life people. What do you guys think? Idk. Just felt like mentioning this.......