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Just found the solution for Treasure Cards on pvp.

Jan 04, 2009
First I want to state that I wish KI see this, because I think its a great idea and would fix a lot of problems in the arena.

Ok, so the idea is simple yet will bring big results.

All they have to do is make Enchanted Treasure Cards unable to be traded.
Example, a enchanted wild bolt with Ken Eye would not be allowed to be traded. But lets say you defeated a boss and you got a wild bolt as a reward. Now that one should be allowed to be treaded. Or lets say you crafted a wild bot, that one should be allowed to be traded.

So that's my idea to fix the giant problem that is treasure cards on the arena.

PD: I also like the idea of putting levels arena. Example:

Free for all: All levels welcome.
1-10: Characters from 1-10.
11-20: Characters from 11-20.
21-30: Characters from 21-30.
31-40: Characters from 31-40
41:50: Characters from 41-50.

Thank You for reading. I just desire so much that KI see this idea.

May 29, 2009

Why limit trading of treasure cards just to address complaints in the PVP arena? There is a large segment of the population who don't PVP who enjoy trading cards.

Dec 26, 2008
wait that might result in losing customers though that was a good idea

Dec 13, 2008
I am still suprised that nobody has thought of this simple and yet effective solution to PvP.
When you click 'create a match' and the match options pop up just add the new feature of ' Use Treasure Cards?' that way you can choose to have treasure cards in the fight. :D

Aug 11, 2009
Traded treasures shouldn't be accessible in the pvp arena. The only treasures that should be allowed in the arena are the ones you've made/found yourself. Treasures have been abused and have pretty much ruined pvp the way they're set up. They're not unique or special, and give people access to all of the spells in the game no matter what your level.

Self made treasures instrumental in pvp however, expanding your deck considerably so that you always have attacks or heals rdy when needed since you can enchant any learned attacks and heals(we all get pixie)

Treasures let us access any spells at any level so any low level dueling is near pointless seeing as how you have to fight a person with grandmaster spells and commander gear every other match. True if you're good you can fight your way up with little to no help from treasures, but most people aren't that talented in the arena, nor should they have to be when they're veterans or lower. That's the time when you're supposed to be learning versing other people with little experience and shouldn't have to fight grandmaster spells unless they themselves are grandmasters.

Also arena gear shouldn't give stats if you've not high enough rank to equip it..Too many people drop rank with vet or commander gear so that they can get easy tickets.

With a few changes, arena could be fair and fun for all. But nobody wants to upset the way things are b/c often times people get upset when things change on them.

There is no challenge left in this game, treasure cards are everywhere making arena and all quests incredibly simple. Why KI made them so accessible is anyones guess, b/c they honestly ruin the game.