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Jade gear in PvP Tournaments!

Mar 31, 2009
Yesterday I tried a PvP Tournament for the first time, and for the most part I enjoyed it, until I went a against a Life, with 73 resist. I thought no worries, blade, Shrike, attack, doom and I'll win (I wasn't expecting to kill him) So I did just that I blades, I used Shrike and I then used Medusa and finally Doom and Gloomed, and I thought I had it in the bag. I then just steadily attacked him with Minotaur, Cyclops and Orthrus, while he was desperately trying to heal through the death bubble. He then on the very last turn used Dryad which brought him up to about 3/4 of his health, remember he didn't attack once, all he did was shield and heal, but yet he still won! This has put me off Tourneys completely, and I won't be joining another, I'm still puzzling over how he won, I attacked over 5 times, nearly killed him, he just healed and shielded and yet somehow he beat me??? it makes no sense. Surely Diego should take into account, the amount of times a wizard has, attacked, shielded, healed, their PvP rank, how much health they have lost and how much health they have at the end of the match, I attacked more than him, I was a higher rank than him, and he lost more health than me, by the end I was at full health! This match has put me right of Tourneys, seeing as anyone can win with Jade, overall I came 6th which I wasn't very pleased with, Kingsisle please sort out Diego's decision making! before you lose more people wanting to enter PvP Tournaments, cause you've lost one.

Evan TitanHammer
level 95

Jun 17, 2011
or just wizards are awesome no matter what others say about our "cheating" we simply use nature as our aid and then have gnomes and other friends of ours help out a bit.

Grace DreamRider 78

Jun 24, 2009
While there is skill in tanking and healing, even through doom and gloom, I can see what you mean and... that does seem to need fixing. What I would suggest as a fix is diego look at certain criteria for victory

1.) Number of attack or DOT spells used successfully
2.) Amount of Health left
3.) Damage taken overall(could go beyond total health due to healing)

This could help things out a bit. I'll leave it open for the OP or anyone else to add on to