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Jade gear in pvp

May 12, 2012
I just went up against a life who went first, with jade gear. I am a 120 with 122 damage and 28 pierce. I first infalled into a shrike, which I then used Gaze of fate, because of the dual hit. This gaze did 1600 damage in total, and was not enough for me to do anything. The life then satyred for 2k, and I fled because this gearset should not be allowed in pvp. I cannot beat a jade life from second.

Jun 26, 2009
Well you probably can't with your current set up, but as an angel jade I can tell you for a fact you can indeed win from second.

First thing, your pierce is way too low. You have many available options to help you penetrate a jades resist.

Infallible aura, Extraordinary Enchantment(Sun School), Pierce Jewels, Your balance global Counterforce, Pierce blades, Shrike.

Don't just attack and attack and think that's going to be it, You have to plan your attack get the cards you need in your hand. Get a few of these pierce options up before you start your assault and you will likely find victory. Also don't forget about having some pips left over after you make the first kill because they will likely have guardian spirit up. Need to follow that kill up with another combo.

See you in the arena. Good luck!

Jun 26, 2009
Also going second vs. any school is inherently harder. It's not impossible to win from second but it didn't matter that is was a jade, statistically you are going to lose more from second then first.

Something else Kingsisle as been dreadfully slow to fix.

Jun 26, 2009
One thing I'd like to suggest trying out in your deck is Dark Nova. It's pretty good for any school. In fact it was because of a balance who used it on my jade that I started using it. His attack was Nova, Paw, Shrike and I was down in no time. Here's a combo you could try for. This assumes you are at max pips and shadow pips before you start your attack chain and you don't get white pips. Enchant some Loremaster, Gaze of Fate cards with Extraordinary TC and stack in your side deck.

Dark Nova
Savage paw Or King Artorious
Shrike(If Shadow) or Savage Paw
Wand Hit or Blade or Infallible
Gaze or Lore

Sep 01, 2014
Hello mr balance dude, you lost because of your pierce being way to low. You need the duelist ring aswell as the pierce jewels. I understand as a balance most people you fight all you do is mindlessly hit. However when fighting someone using angel you should be focusing and strategizing