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It's official, the new Overpowered School is?

May 19, 2011
wow this reminds me of another commet umm... well its not all the schools are the same amount of power thumbs up if you agree

May 10, 2010
laurawatersong wrote:
darthjt wrote:
They still hit their critical RA, killed storm and of course, I hit my critical satyr and brough him back, although, it never did do me much good, but I had to play my role...

LOL? Can you explain how bringing back storm didnt do you much good in legend 2v2 fighting? :(

Because they kept spam shielding against storm... So, in that aspect, I guess it was good, because as long as they kept spam shielding him, they left me wide open to kill them...

So, you are right, it did me good...

Mar 26, 2011
travisAk wrote:
Joseph you underestimate balance on your list. Balance equipped with a myth amulet can be a devastating combination in 1 vs 1, with cards like mutate Minotaur balance will have a vast array of blades to use making them highly unpredictable and very dangerous in the arena. With a new and more powerful healing spell balance will rely less on life school making them a proficient choice
XD that's exactly me. I still can't beat any diviners they are the only school that have a very hard time beating.