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it takes forever!

Nov 26, 2012
hi everyone

now I would just like to say . I am so so so so sad. I really want some stuff rom the venders with my arena tickets. but the problem is it takes forever to save up enough. I takes me months to get enough tickets. sometimes its just disappointing. but I don't want to wast my time doing pvp all day. what do I do!?

Scarlet Rvensword level 54

Mar 05, 2011
As you gain ranks, in other words from private to corporal to sergeant, etc. you gain more tickets per match.

Here are the ticket gains (as I know them)

Private: 4 tickets per win
Corporal: 6 tickets per win
Sergeant: 8 tickets per win
Veteran: 10 tickets per win
Knight: 14 tickets per win
Captain: 18 tickets per win
Commander: 22 tickets per win
Warlord: 28 tickets per win

Every time you lose you get half of the tickets you would gain if you won. So as you can see, if you stay at private you get a tiny amount of tickets. You need to rank up. Then you can get tickets to get gear. Or tourneys, last place position in a tourney gives around 300, while first place gives 1250 tickets.

Best of luck,
Wolf Skullslinger, Thaumaturge by Trade

Feb 02, 2010
another great way is if you have some left over crowns you can try out some tournaments, even if you come in last place you get 500+ tickets!