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Is waterworks gear finally outdated?

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
This is mainly about pvp! :D So, with the heavy amounts of armor piercing, and to what I've seen and continue to see from Transcended and Archmage wizards, is that they always use a certain combo:

So, this will take away about 45% resist from all of their opponents, meaning that all schools except Ice have no point in their waterworks resist? I've seen the symbol: Boost. So, to all schools except Ice and Myth, the spells would be hitting a boost on them? Here's each school with their normal resist and how much armor piercing affects it (Pet stats included):
Fire: -2%
Storm: -5%
Death: -3%
Balance: -3%.

This is a pretty cool way to making Ice the only resist school, yeah, but what about our damage boosts? Won't we be taking way too much damage in 4v4? Wouldn't 4v4 be a first to attack game? It's even possible to get 51% armor piercing! So, to those of you that do fight these armor piercing wizards, do you find it fair?

I'm not speeding up to get to Archmage, because after each and every level, I pvp and see how much I need to change strategy by. It seems as though I have to almost fully convert my strategy and focus on those armor piercing spells in the future. Shields hardly matter either. Shields would only affect from 0-30%, leaving hardly any defenses. I wouldn't find this... fun, in my opinion. It looks like Archmage pvp is going to be a whole mess sooner or later.

So, is the waterworks gear finally outdated? Do our new stats rely on critical and armor piercing? What about Wild Bolt spammers? How will we be able to survive spells if we don't have any resist? I'm not sure, yet, but it's like a huge puzzle. Ditching the waterworks gear makes me feel like a Grandmaster at level 56, no resist, insane damage boost, insane critical, hardly any defenses, and just power relying. With armor piercing, that's kind of what we're at now. I just want to see a number though, on how many have left their waterworks gear behind, and now wear those insane critical gear combos. I'm not sure if I'll like it, but I'll try to get there and see. I want to see how much pvp has changed, and if any of you know by how different it is, as in a whole new experience or just a minor change, or if I'm wrong about wizards constantly using these spells, please tell me, because I'm really curious to find out. :?

Oct 05, 2010
Actually most archmages just use infallible ( which people like me use fortify to counter ), gargantuan ( trust me its better than unstoppable for damage ), some use spears not all. If you didn't know if there is no resist to pierce the damage is not boosted it can only break the resistance. No ww gear is not out dated in fact it is still up to date although I don't use the boots because I use the sword of kings wand on my life for great heal boost but it gives absolutely no block which means I had to craft these boots that give me 86 block and pretty good stats ( just no power pip chance, 1 less attack, more health, same defense I believe, little accuracy, and no heal boost ). I'm actually very glad that KI decided to simply add utility spells instead, most of them are a bit overpowered though. PvP has changed a lot. I would say there's a lot more "shield spamming" and the utility spells have made a difference mostly for life. Many people are complaining ( like me ) that guardian spirit is overpowered since it cannot be infected, stays on until you die, and dispels cannot stop the heal from happening. The only comeback to it is doom and gloom. As a life, PvP is too easy for me, and truly the only moves I need anymore are shatter,earthquake, gnomes , and guardian spirit. The rest of the schools have improved also but not as much.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010