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Is there no option left for me?

Jun 28, 2012
My wizard is a lvl 49 Life.
I wanna PvP, but here I got a list of issues I got good excuses about:

  • Higher lvl PvP past lvl 50 wants me to start worrying about criticals and critical block
  • Pet hatching takes so much time and money off my hands
  • I only got one hour-one hour and a half each night according to my guardian's rules (around 9:30-11 pm EST)
  • 90% of the time, I go second. Whenever I go second, I lose
  • Took people's advice: got gear with resist, put more attacks and sun spell tc in my deck, still no use
  • My 4-pip minion dies easily
  • Frugal on crowns, so I lack getting an amulet
  • Common reasons: Enemy shielding just as I laid out the blades and traps perfectly
  • No one could help me except on holidays I guess
  • Also, I don't wanna quest farther until I get to Sergeant and learn Conviction. However, I wanna do this in lower lvl PvP because of reason 1

What else could I say? I've gone from 500 points down to 384. 2 wins-9 losses. I just dunno what to say...

Dec 23, 2010
Being a Master is a very hard to deal with in pvp, especially when you're so close to Grandmaster. I'd say you should level up one more level to get to level 50, gain that extra training point for something useful. You should watch out for enemy shielding, since everybody will most likely shield in a 1v1 match (besides storm or fire because some will be looking for a quick match) Other than that, you are at much of a disadvantage to everyone. Without the gear, crowns, amulets, it is impossible to face level 30 warlords with 50 resist and 40 damage and tons of crowns.

However, if you are not dedicated to pvp and don't spend enough time in your day for wizard101 (which is perfectly understandable) you should 2v2 with a random stranger, if you don't have any online friends to help you. 2v2 is perfect for life, because you can be the shielder and healer, which is very useful. I also suggest you try practice 1v1 (if you choose to continue 1v1) before you go on ranked, because your rank will only go down on ranked. Gain more experience! Chao!