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Is there a glitch with Insane Bolt?

Mar 07, 2011
I faced a storm wizard 3 times in a row.

First game- 3 successful Insane Bolts
Second game- 3 successful Insane Bolts
Third game- 1 successful Insane Bolts

Combined with Colossal Wild Bolts, he won all the matches quickly.

What are the odds for Insane Bolt? Am I just unlucky with the Random Number Generator to have 7 Insane Bolts in a row cast successfully on me? Or is there a glitch?

Sep 29, 2008
they were all different storm wizards so their rates of back fire were all at different stages werent they meaning they were gonna back fire you were just unlucky to not have been facing them when it did.

Mar 07, 2011
I certainly can't argue that it's a string of really bad luck with the random number generator, but the first six Insane Bolts came from the same wizard.

Now the streak is up to 9 Insane Bolts against me without a single failure, and this last one really has me wondering. In second position I had 500 health and he had full health plus 4 power pips. He said "gg" before casting a spell and it was Insane Bolt!!

Why would you cast Insane Bolt when you clearly have the game won with just about any other storm spell? Why would you chance a loss when you have the game clearly in hand? And how can you say "gg" before you cast it as if you knew it wouldn't fail? Was he just being "hopeful" and "stupid" in using Insane Bolt in such a situation?

Mar 07, 2011
Phew, finally! The tenth Insane Bolt in a row against me failed! Woot!