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Is there a balance Exalted PvP guide on here?

Mar 11, 2009
Is there a balance Exalted PvP guide on here?

Jul 11, 2013
No, there isn't one on the Message Boards.

Jul 13, 2010
Right now at that lvl. For every school. Resist dont usually help unless ur like jade.
At that lvl is all about who can hit n kill fast.

But to make pvp much easier.
I recommanded getting hades or zeus or poseidon with crit n damage gear
The hat n robe and wand from tartarus. Shoes from crown. The ring n athane from cronus n gladiator.

Amulet is a mastery or devine but u probably dont got that. So maybe a big health giver.

And for wand. The wand from pharoah pack is anazing but idk if u buy packs much. At lvl 100 is 130 block n 75 crit!.

N spamung lorenaster spell is awesone.
Also carry shatter n pierce.
And shield till u have enough pips then do a combo attack with some 4 pips spell then spam judge at end

Lolz should help a little

Sep 02, 2012
On my balance I just stock up on mana burn and when they get 5 or more pip I use mana burn and they lose their pip. Then when their health is low I would just do a judgment or multiple of them.