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Is pvp fair, i try to help, STORM

Jul 06, 2010
I just played a match with my team, all initiates, vs, all masters and one grand, not only does the other team get first move but when they win we go down by 17 points, in 1v1 if you arent a grand and you have captain rank, you will face people TWICE your lvl, so are the trying to make pvp more challenging, i say no, by doing this, they are making pvp IMPOSSIBLE, but i am coming up with a strategy to help adepts and magus how to win a game for STORM SCHOOL ONLY!

Level 5: Make sure you know pixie and have the wand with the no pip spell, this way your thunder bats are very strong and your only challenge will be myth.(aka the no pip wand attack)

Level 10: This is the prime of storm wizards, death will be in your path, make sure you have a backup school of life or myth (life recommended.) so you have the death shields and the ability to heal.

Level 15: this is probably the hardest time for pvp a storm qizard has, i recommend using your stormblade with storm shark, but i do recommend lvling up first so you get the trap as well.

Level 20: try summoning a minion so that you can divert the attetion from you, and if you last long enough they start using attack spells.

Level 25: as far as i have gone, this is the prime of a storm wizard, if you have sokkwi's necklace of the sky, then this is easy make sure you have the elemental blades and traps and place all your traps on your enemy(or just enough to kill them which doesnt take long) then use kraken and its over.

Level 30: i would recommend 2v2 or 3v3 so you use tempest efficiently without getting beat up until you can use it.

Now i go through the recommended levels where you should play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 , or 4v4.

Level 5: 1v1

Level 10: 1v1

Level 15: 2v2

Level 20: 2v2

Level 25: 2v2 or 1v1, usually play out the same way.

Level 30: Any partnered match( 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4)

I hope this list is helpful and plz tell me any comments you have, if i agree i will change the list, thx for reading and enjoy my tactics :D .

Trevor SpiritMancer, level 28 Storm wizard.(Don't ask me why it sais Novice wizard cause i am not)