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Is it "cheating"?

Jan 05, 2010
What is the point of capping any card?

Gargantuan, a capped treasure card, was done so to prevent low levels from dominating less experienced players. Now Low level players are in Situation where the legends they face can use the damage increaser but they cannot, putting the lower level at a disadvantage. Same with polymorphs.... It does not make sence to cap anything givin the extreme mismatches, all it does is punish the lower level while giftwrapping even more of an advantage to the 55+. Perhaps these type of cards should be capped to rank, for example nobody under warlord or commander can use them, seeing how they fight higher levels as rank goes up.

Feb 18, 2010
hitmix wrote:
Whenever I play a 1 vs. 1 in a ranked match, the person I play against always uses a minion! I thought it was called 1vs.1 for a reason, and not 1vs.1 +1. I think that this is unfair. Do you agree?

-Madison Silverblade
Level 44 Master Pyromancer

Nope! :D besides, even if there is a minion, it's not like they're another legend against you. just kill them off, then the caster, most preferebly (how do you spell that?) at the same time with a global spell. what's preventing you from summoning a minion for yourself, besides not putting the card in your deck? like someone else posted, fight fire with fire!!

Jun 04, 2010
Travis makes several good points. I can say that I would be happier if KI either capped everything to a particular level or nothing at all because I don't like inconsistency. It seems to me that if there was a fix for downranking then removing level caps on everything shouldn't be an issue. If they need to stay though then perhaps KI could introduce an exception for higher ranked PvP players in the arena? The only reason I wouldn't want a treasure card capped to a PvP rank would be because I wouldn't think KI would ever want to force people to play PvP to use treasure cards (unless of course they have no real purpose outside the arena). However, this is a very tired and likely not well thought out post so I probably haven't thoroughly considered the ramifications of my statements.