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Is Balance good in PVP?

Feb 21, 2013
Are they good in 1v1 PVP? Also, is their spell, judgement a good spell?

Dec 05, 2012
balance is good and has uniqe powers in pvp

Aug 06, 2012
Because of what the Balance school offers its students, it has viable solo and team PvP builds. How you build your deck is all in your play style. Usually, solo players try to get a strong Judgement up for a swift KO. Team players don't have as many attacks in their decks, and usually give blades and shields to the team. Hope this helps!

Talon ShadowStone, Lv. 80

Aug 28, 2010
sorcery559 on Nov 20, 2013 wrote:
Are they good in 1v1 PVP? Also, is their spell, judgement a good spell?
A balance before it gets Judgement is not worth PvPing imo.
After it gets Judgement it's gains a much needed boost, in PvP.
If you plan on using Balance, it's a very good idea to go to the
Loremaster and get both Savage Paw and the LoreMaster Spell.
Yes, it will take a lot of time, but it's well worth it, if you plan on doing
Balance at the Point where it gets Mana Burn and Power Nova, it's
a good Wizard to play. You have a solid chance of winning when you
step in to PvP, if you have a good pet and solid gear.

Feb 19, 2013

Some of the best PVP wizards I see out there are lower level Balance. Many of these same wizards also go after ice spells up to tower shield as well.

They train with the reshuffle and tower shield cards in mind. Ice will also bring another shield to help you ward off Storm and Fire attacks as well, Volcanic Shield.

Also realize that there is low level Crown gear available with mana burn, which can come in very handy if someone is winding up to crush you with power pips. If your primary school is balance then power pips help you use this spell earlier than others can. I have watched many higher level wizards die in battle from this neat little spell . They wind up to use a higher level spell and before they know it they get hit hard from the burn, and lose several pips in the process.

Aug 26, 2011
balance in PvP is great, judgement is great. however don't get into the mindset (at least at higher levels) that you have to one-shot them. so from what i've seen balance thrives at ~30, 50, 75, and sort of 90.

Gabriel Ashcaller level 79 warlord

Oct 11, 2010
sorcery559 on Nov 20, 2013 wrote:
Are they good in 1v1 PVP? Also, is their spell, judgement a good spell?
balance is good at low levels and end game. sadly pvp now has become a critical war match who can critical the biggest hit first to win. heals, block all out the window now. damage, accuracy, critical is it to win. I was struggling on my death in top gear for PVE losing to storms and balance so i decided to get off my 95 death and go on my 90 balance. Well, with about 30 and 11 under my belt from tonight alone! lore master, savage paw, critical striker and few blocks is all thats needed. Can't beat them then join them, ice is still tough due to about 50 resistance. I dont even load heals because these matches are over quick. Any school can be good in PVP but balance, storm, fire and ice seem to be the pain ones :D neverless anyone with damage and high critical can 1-2 hit the other player.

Jun 25, 2011
Balance is good in pvp as long as you know how to play it. Shields are nice and most of the balance wizards I see either shield or take my pips away which is a good strategy for balance pvp wizards.

Nov 20, 2013
sorcery559 on Nov 20, 2013 wrote:
Are they good in 1v1 PVP? Also, is their spell, judgement a good spell?
I have two balance accounts and they are both successful in 1v1 pvp one is a overlord and my new balance is a captain right now and yes judgement is a awesome spell especially when you enchant it.