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Is anyone else having this problem?

Jul 06, 2009
I PVP alot even though i am not good at it but last night and today it won't show me what moves i'm using or my firend and it won't tell me what the other players health is and i have no idea why! Its really annoying and i dodn't know if i hit a button and turned it off or what but it makes it near impossible to play. It actaully makes me really mad . Please tell me how to fix it if i can!

Autumn Darkbringer lvl 50 death

Check the following settings in your Options:

Press the ESC key
Select the Gameplay Tab (looks like a joystick)
Select 2d Combat Display - make sure that is set to ON

If NOTHING is showing on your screen, press CTRL-G to turn on and off everything on the screen.

Jul 03, 2009
Dec 21, 2008
Like Lydia Greyrose said, you can set on 2D display on and it'll show how much health the people on the other team have. Like I have mine on and I saw how the bosses, Zora Steelwielder, Andor Bristleback, and Devora Shadowcrown start out with 4,200 life points. And I also saw ALL of the other enemies' life points. Now I always keep it on so I can know which attack spell to cast.

Caroline Sunbright
Graandmaster theurgist