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Inactivity bug

Feb 28, 2009
I was just in a 3v3 when I died and while I was dead and waiting for a heal I suddenly received a msg stating that I had been disconnected due to inactivity. This has never happened in the past so I am guessing this may be due to the new update. The thing that stinks is that the game thinks I fled so I didnt get any tickets and had to wait 5 minutes before joining a new fight. If anyone is having the same issues please reply so that KI can be made aware of this issue.

If you're completely inactive (not moving, using the keyboard etc) for 15 minutes, your character will be logged out due to inactivity. We are looking at extending this for exactly the reason you stated.

In the meantime, you can keep your defeated character 'active' by pressing the space bar or using the chat (menu or typed).


May 19, 2009
I have had this happen to me alot but never in pvp. Maybe instead of extending it in pvp you should just get rid of it for pvp.