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Jun 28, 2009
Recently I've been playing life's in the arena. It's come to my attention how they are almost impossible to kill when they go first. I'm talking about the warlord life's btw with 1000 an up rating. I'm in the 1300's atm so I've fought quite a few. I'm mainly here though cause I don't think the spell guardian spirit is fair. First off healing boost affect it and incoming, and it can even be affected by criticals. Last I checked it says it brings 25% health back it doesn't heal you it does not say it heals you 800 or 400. It brings a percent back kingisle if your telling me you can critical on a percentage then you might as well let people critical blades, you should even let damage affect are blades why not let us critical a 30% storm blade or a 40% ice blade why not let are damage affect how much percent are blade gives, cause life seems to have the ability to critical a percent. Some of you may be thinking um doom infection. Well I actually do use a death mastery and I pack 4 dooms in my deck however it's not enough seeing as how these life's pack max sanctuary. Infection doesn't even matter either cause when they die the infection gets removed and I cannot specifically pack a million dooms to set for this type of player because I also fight balance a lot too. From first I normally cannot win because they have easy control of the bubble, and when ever I am about to kill one under doom ey change he bubble before they die. It makes it nearly impossible to kill one. However I can see it being slightly easier if the card only gave them 25% it should be a non critical and it shouldn't be affected by incoming or outgoing.
Because it's a percent it's not healing the guy it's giving him a percent of his health back.