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Dec 20, 2008
Today my 3 adepts got in a ranked duel against 3 grandmasters- storm, life, and balance. My characters are highly defensive and have a ton of storm shields, weakness, and tower shields. All they did was chain bolt- the entire team. While I did last a long time there is only so much a person can do when they are hitting nearly every bolt.

Jan 07, 2010
conorjak7 wrote:
this is one of the reasons why i think treasure cards should not be allowed only in ranked pvp. ranked pvp should be based on a persons skill and how clever they are. that is why it is called ranked cause depending on how good you are will earn you your rank.

(if you think this is a good idea pls post this same idea to other posts. make sure that it fits in with the subject.)

I totally agree!! It's only fair to ban them in Ranked PvP, because like you said, it should be based on skill and strategy/cleverness. It's not fair any other way!

~Angela BlueCloud, Life lvl 40

Dec 23, 2009
"AJ0babygirl" wrote:
I totally agree!! It's only fair to ban them in Ranked PvP, because like you said, it should be based on skill and strategy/cleverness. It's not fair any other way!

There's an immediate logical fallacy noted in that statement - treasures ARE based on skill and strategy/cleverness. The only thing I don't like is that it gives those who craft cards and have boatloads of gold to throw away an unfair advantage to those like me who would rather PvP than run Malistaire and Briskbreeze multiple times a day "for fun".

Treasure cards are not instant "I WIN" buttons unless you're level 4 and going against wild bolters, and if that's the case you don't belong in PvP. You have to put the right cards in your sidebar, and use them at appropriate times. If that's not skill, I don't know what is.

Feb 04, 2009
i hate bolters myself i dont really mind of a storm does it but now it's getting out of hand i mean when did life use bolt? it's really akward sigh. to me some people dont have great skill in pvp they are scared to attack for real only relay on one attack :x

May 15, 2009
firehunter203 wrote:
Lol you guys make it sound so hard.

What is do to combat this is stock up my sideboard with dissipate
Either that, or i just keep on healing. I mean, they have to run out of wild bolts sooner or later. So it goes pretty much like this

Me: Shield
Storm: Wild bolt
Me: heal
Storm: wild bolt(power pip)
Me:Treasure Dissipate 8) 8)
Storm: blade
Me: Brace yourself for some damage lol
Storm Bolt
me: heal
Storm blades and i shield and yea.
Now here's where it gets fun.
The storm is now OUT of bolts. They now wait 4 turns to reshuffle, either that or they're completely out of bolts
THIS is your opening. It's YOUR turn to try to blade and hit with something. For example, fire blades up, then uses like phoenix.
For death, it gets fun. Bladed pirate, doom and gloom, and they are practically screwed

this does not help at all
let me count the ways
1. some decks give u a max of 7 copies of certain schools
there are also TREASURE bolts
and TREASURE cards never dissappear after fizzeling so they can keep at it until ur outta dissapates

Dec 16, 2008
I would quote someone here, but so many people have said that "It's nothing, get over it" it makes me mad. Over half of the people who said to get over it said something like "judge them", which not everyone can do. Others said "Shield it", well, a storm shield is not going to be showing up every minute, and not only storms bolt. Wild bolt IS a cheap spell, at least when non-storms use it. The other day I lost to a balance because after the judge I towered, he just bolted me and that was that.

Now I understand about why people are mad about this topic, but I think non-storms using bolt IS cheap. It will be stopped soon, but then the people who did do that will simply make a storm and keep bolting. It is impossible to stop a bolt every time, they have a treasure deck with keen eye bolts and a storm wand so that you can't shield(At least, for the standard wild bolter).

Oh, and storms using bolt is normal. I only find it cheap if they do nothing but bolt and wand before tritoning you or something.

To end this mini-rant, just remember not everyone is 100% ready to shield a wild bolt at every possible moment. It's not easy, so don't act like it is.