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I'm not very good at this...

Jun 30, 2009
Okay, this is very frustrating

I am a level 48 necromancer and since i have nothing better to do, i play PvP. Now, that's fine, but every time i play, no matter if i am with a life wizard and a storm wizard, my team always loses. i am a very low rank, and it is very annoying to lose every time. I don't know what i can do better in order to increase my rank. I need some advice!

Jul 27, 2009
I am a level 50 necromancer as well, and i am going to tell you something. BE PROUD OF BEING A DEATH! Death is the hardest school to rank, and i did it in 1v1, so i had no ones help. okay, so you want to do pvp with others with you? well, if you dont wanna join a chain stunning team and be the one who puts feints on, then get a team with a life and 2 storm, and you carry a LOT of beguiles, and only use beguile if your going first, and keep some just in case your team needs to heal when your going second and you know the next round you would have lord used against you. and maybe, since you are low rank, the team wouldnt know what beguile does, so they would use the spell anyways, and hurt their team anyways! its all a science, getting into your opponents head, knowing the spells that they will use, knowing how to counter those, so on and so on. now if you face a chain team, your only chance is to go first, and you better draw beguile first, because then all you do is put beguile on the first myth or fire on their team