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If this game isn't about PvP and PvP is just

Aug 21, 2009
a side thing that has little to do anything about the actual game, then why is it that Wizard101 has chosen to change Wild Bolt in the test realm simply over how it plays in PvP? I would like an answer to this as wild bolt has never been that much of an ingame problem and the PvP issue of changing an in game card simplfy for PvP play seems very contrary to what I have read in the past about PvP not being important to the play of the game.

Mar 18, 2010
They are BALANCING the game that's why! Both parts of the game have to be in balance for it function properly.

PvE is the main component of the game IMO. It gets us our Spiral Keys, levels us up and gets us our spells. It tells the story and takes us on our journey.

I believe PvP, pets and crafting are very important side areas of the game. They give us additional depth. They allow us to take a break and do other things. They bring a richness to the game.

Currently in Test the game is unbalanced. First things in PvE unbalanced PvP. Now actions to correct that have unbalanced PvE. KI's challenge is now to fix that.

I don't want PvP removed. I know how much people enjoy it. I just want PvE and PvP to play well. I prefer PvE. Never have done PvP and never will. It just is not my cup of tea.


Aug 21, 2009
I would enjoy a balanced PvP, don't get me wrong there, but I play storm and I am not a wild bolter type of storm that plays 1v1 all the time or even at all. If I played PvP, then I played 4v4 PvP which is far more enjoyable to me having a full team to play with and be up against. But as storm if you go last you don't even get to play in 4v4 because of the dispel card against storm, and the beguile, and when you do get to play just about everyone has tons of shields that work against storm attacks and now with Celestia in the test realm everyone tends to have a lot of natural storm, fire, and ice damage reductions. All this means is that if you play storm in PvP and want to do well you need to play 1v1 and go with a bolting strategy and hit immediately as everyone else storm does gets stopped, and I am not a person who enjoys 1v1 arena play. When I look at win loss records on players I tend to see storm losing a little more than half of their fights, and I tend to see balance winning at 4:1 to 3:1 ratios even if they seem to be horrible in the actual game players. So what happens in the test realm, storm has wild bolt made useless and gets a 1v1 eight point attack that kills not much better than its sixth point triton card, and balance gets a stronger mass attack that can not be stopped by about anything. I find it amusing that schools that do less than average damage have to put up with all types of shields against them while balance does not. There is still a huge advantage of going first over going last in the arena, and many times I wrote ways to resolve this and yet not one of my suggestions have been tried out in the test realm. As such, I do not at all think Wizard101 cares to have a balanced PvP system, and that all they really wanted to do was hurt storm once again. Like I said, I don't at all blame all of the 1v1 attack storm type players who have already quit Wizard101 or are talking about quitting Wizard101 due to what they have seen in the test realm. If Wizard101 wants a balanced PvP then they need to put time into making PvP play better and more fair for all, and that means actually looking at what schools are winning and which schools are losing in PvP and adjusting from there, and look at the school records on all the tables, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. By the way, storm isn't the school that is currently winning. Other games I've played keep statistics on the wins and losses of the various character types and even rank players according to their types on leadership boards. Such boards should be created and kept track of for each the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 options. Most players don't even play PvP because how it is now it isn't fair or fun, and it isn't fun cause as for some schools if you go last your game is already over, you simply lost.

Mar 15, 2009
KI is just catering to PvP's because they are the only one's that complain about other school spell's they don't like they dont listen to the players who don't PvP and just play the game.

If PvP is not the biggest part of the game then why does KI change the game to cater PvPers and take away from the rest of us just because they cry foul we dont like that spell so take it out KI listens to them but not to the rest of us,because the rest of us are not looking for a easy victory in PvP.

the rest of us just want to enjoy the game with out having to cater to the PvPers because of them we keep getting pushed aside.

So in short stop messing with storm they have low hit points,low power pips and low accuracy but hey lets just take every thing from storm to make the PvPers happy!

If KI takes bolts out then they need to take spells from other schools as well! and not some little spells either, take a hard hitting spell from the other schools.

Or just take treasure cards out of PvP all togeather so storm cant stock up on bolts and do nothing but bolt. but dont take it out, come on.

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Apr 18, 2010
Seasnake....... for once i actually agree with you. PvP is useless. And i dont think they should change wild bolt just becuase of noobs complaining