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Ideas To Balance PvP

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Even though I don't think school spells are what's ruining PvP, I'll add on to what I think would make a spell more in-line with today's meta.
1) Create a may cast prism spell. Why? Because when people set for you (which is another problem in PvP), you need a turn to cast a prism to hit with another school. With a may cast prism, you can avoid this and hit on the lower portions of their resist.
2) Hide the schools (and names in Ranked PvP) of duelists in the 1v1 queue. Why? Because people look at your stats or remember your name, then before you know it you end up fighting somebody with 125 resist to your school. I don't think hiding names in team PvP is needed (and maybe not schools either once you click 'Go To Arena' and see your team) because setting in team PvP is hard. But in 1v1, why would you care what your opponent's name is?
3) Increase the damage of Keeper of The Flame to 400 damage. It's basically the same thing as Savage Paw except costs one less pip and does roughly 18.75 damage per pip less. Plus the spell is farmed or bought from the crowns shop, or even received through crafting. All these methods are hard, at least reward the Myth wizards for something.
4) Make an athame and ring that gives no damage boost, the same block rating as Blade of The Felled Titan and the Alpha and Omega Ring, but increase the heal boost. We need something that isn't so offense based!
5) Create a trainable spell from Diego that's a 1 pip bubble and lowers the may cast rate from pets dramatically. If it can be removed by 2 pip global spells, I don't see it as being overpowered.
6) Lower the cast rate of MC Sanctuary as well as limiting the number of Guardian Spirits to be allowed per duel. In 1v1, make it 1 Guardian Spirit. In 2v2, make it 2 Guardian Spirits. In 3v3 make it 6 Guardian Spirits and in 4v4 make it unlimited.
7) Make the MC Aura talents 4 turns instead of 5. They already have the advantage of having it cast very often and not having to use a turn to cast it, why give them the advantage of having an extra turn with it too?
8) Make some spells cast from second always. For example, make Insane Bolt always casted after everybody else has completed their turn. If you're giving a powerful spell to such a powerful school, at least give it a reliable drawback. I don't think the puny 20% backfire is enough to even worry about most of the time, most Storm wizards cast it first turn then go for a winning Triton the next.
9) Make Reshuffle a spell where any school's power pips count towards it. I don't think giving Balance such a major advantage is very fair. After all, without your cards you can do absolutely nothing.
10) Make a 3rd age PvP, 2nd age is a complete mess right now in the mid, low, and high levels.

Anybody agree with these ideas? Disagree? Have any ideas of your own?

Jun 28, 2009
I think most of these ideas are good also find the guardian spirit idea very fair.

Feb 13, 2009
I completely agree with the third age revamp. There needs to be a serious evaluation of the current pvp structure. As for your ideas, although they seem to have a good basis, some of them would take perks from the other schools. Like the guardian spirit and reshuffle. Each school has its perks, and if you limit them it would be quite the disaster and everyone would be still arguing about school equality. Imagine someone suggesting limiting earthquake to one per match or only being able to use one minotaur or minion. Myth would be practically useless. (And for the people out there saying myth is op then you really have no idea how disadvantaged myth is already. I just think the myth school just have really good pvp players that make it seem op.) There are mastery amulets for balance, so if you really want to have your own pips count towards reshuffle then use one. Reshuffle is a perk for balance and it puts that school on an equal footing with others. The rest of your ideas are worth looking into though.

For my own ideas I would suggest giving pvp more options, like how the tournaments are. A classic pvp structure would please the ones who argue against treasure cards and the usual pvp structure would be for the ones who argue for. With that you are pleasing almost everyone already. Also team leader boards would be great, so for instance you can give your 4v4 team a name and it would follow the regular point system. However a leader board that is divided into level categories would also be optimal, because a level 100 would obviously be the best. Giving out more badges and ranks in pvp also would make a refreshing change, because to be honest warlords are multiplying faster than flies. Something like 'best healer' for 500 heals or 'hotshot' for wining 20 games back to back. I have a lot more ideas but all it takes is some serious thought.

Changing spells to suit preference will only lead to more requests asking for change, and then the game will be unequal.

Aug 28, 2010
On item #1, I can’t understand why they don’t simply put in limitations on PvP. This would stop so many abuses of the current PvP game. I understand that KI needs financial stimulus to keep the game going, but the packs give such a huge unfair advantage. Didn’t one of the W101 teachers say something like, “With gains, there will be growing pains”.
Item #2, I agree with this 100%, no question, it needs to be done.
Item #3, Since I got a level 100 myth, it sounds good, just not sure he really needs it. I feel that Myth has all the tools it needs, just an awesome school.
Item #4, They do have some really good rings and athames out, but I would prefer something to help limit the other schools heals. Some spell that could steal the next Satyr heal used, or something like that. Maybe it could only be activated if a 2 or 4 pip healing spell is used. Ice has a spell something like this already for heals over time. Having a something for a heal not over time seems reasonable.
Item #5, I expect that will never happen, as it would help Balance out too much. Something like this would be great, maybe a spell you cast, that would stop the pet from helping for 10 rounds or something like that.
Item #6, Lowering the cast rate of MC Sanctuary is really needed, the cast rate is way too high imo. On Guardian Spirit, it would be nice if it could be stolen. Same pips as Guardian Spirit, but it needs to be a trainable spell. The players that just use this over and over, makes the game too drawn out (and it’s not just life that use it).
7. Agreed.
8. Sorry, my Storm Wizard doesn’t like the idea, I just asked him.
9. My Balance Wizard doesn’t like this idea, but he is willing to accept that if he gets something in return. Like a usable 2 pip Global with 15% damage boost.
10. I’m not sure how to respond to this one with a reasonable reply. I will leave it at, I agree with you, PvP does have a series of issues that need to be cleaned up.