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Ideas for new PVP Ticket items

Jul 10, 2009
It's no secret that the only items worth getting with your arena tickets are the PVP only gear. The colossus is overpriced, and overrated, and fairly ineffective as a pet; as the best PVP pets tend to be the gift card pets that give 5 or 6% resist all.

The outside of PVP gear you can purchase is entirely useless. The level 45 required myth armor is LESS impressive than the level 25 armor that drops off of Pop O’leary.

I understand that KI is focusing on enhancing the gameplay of wizard101, and that PVP has sort of taken a back seat for now, but I feel there are a few quick fixes to drive many more players to play PVP, mostly in what PVP would have to offer for rewards.

I could list a million overpowered items that I would simply love to see as rewards, but the purpose of this topic is for my (and hopefully others’) ideas as to items that are REASONABLE rewards that can be purchased with the arena tickets.

So here are a few ideas that I’ve had that would be really neat to see Dueling Diego sell!
(please note that all of these are just ideas, and most the prices and requirements were just tossed in there for the heck of it)

A deck that can only be bought with arena tickets. It would be a deck with 50 cards max, and every spell would have 6 copies (class and non class spells) with no side deck. This wouldn’t be too overpowered, and would hold the max copies of cards that you can have. 700 tickets and knight status to purchase.

A unique (permanent/40%speed) mount! Perhaps a black dragon, or a unicorn? I’m not picky, I would just LOVE to show off my success in the PVP arena with a unique mount, so that way others outside of PVP would be able to know I’m good at PVP. (This item would have to be non-tradeable, and bound to whichever character purchased it) 1000 tickets, commander status to purchase.

A ONE TIME ONLY training point! That’s right, why not sell a training point through the arena? It won’t make that much of a difference to the gameplay/PVP, but it would be really neat! 1000 tickets, no rank requirement.

Unique weapons/wands! These could range anywhere from no-pip wands, one pip wands, and power pip wands! Just unique wands/weapons that aren’t any more powerful than regular ones, but are unique to only be bought with arena tickets! Once again, It would be really cool to show off your success in the arena outside of the arena. Prices and ranks would obviously vary.

Booster packs! 50 tickets, no rank

Unique Pets that are comparable to the gift card pets! How about seeing a cool Black thunder bat that gives 50 HP, AND a weakness card? I'd love to show off an arena only pet outside of the arena! These would have to be no trade, of corse. 1500 tickets, warlord rank (just going off the magma colossus rate)

So what other items do you think would be great, and REASONABLE for the pvp arena?


May 31, 2009
I agree that the pets need revamping for sure, maybe pets with balance blades or fients you know spells we would use. Or for the different ranks like a warlord pet that you can get at level 50 that lets you skip the other teams turn, alright that may be too much. but there are alot of spells for shielding attacking and boosting that have no pet.

rings, daggers, amulets are all missing from the areana ticket store.This is an area that needs improving players work hard not just for their ranking but to gather tickets to buy items. it is a lot of work and time we should have items avielible to us you can only get this way both for PvP and/or for regular play for example; items that give what we really want power pips or accuracy, battle mounts (you know like mounts with armor on) maybe they are a card I would love to see a tiger attack.

spells that are unique to PvP players maybe I can finally get ninja pigs or a whole new spells like troll, elf pathfinder (stronger fire elf), or even fire bats

May 31, 2009
Great post, Ravenfell.

Couldn't agree with you more about the need for more "stuff" to use tickets on. Ever since I got all my arena gear I stopped paying attention to how many tickets I have since there is nothing useful for me to get. So bring on new toys!

1. Training point. Brilliant. Oh how I would love to have but ONE more spell! However, what I think would ALSO be way cool is if you could get a training point for your school MINION! Much as I love my Fire minion, he's very predictable. Plus, if the battle goes on for a while and my opponent hasn't killed him off, it's not unusual for him to have 5 or 6 pips from all his fizzles. How SWEET it would be if, just once, he could uncork a Helephant! Of course, that's not the spell I would pick, but it would be cool if you could add an element of personalization to your minion.

2. DIFFERENT Arena Gear. As it is now, there's only one choice and by the time you get high enough rank, everyone you face is wearing the same thing. It would be great to see a choice of Arena Gear, as in 3 different hats, robes, and Shoes. One set will be more geared to Damage, the other to Defense, and the other to a little of both. At least this way you can customize your gear to your style of fighting.

3. Love the idea of unique wands, but how about taking this to the extreme - personalized wands, as in design your own. You start with a default damage amount, accuracy, number of pips, and number of cards. If you take, say, the default, you would get a wand that gives you three cards, each with 70% accuracy, cost 3 pips and does 300 damage. But, if you want to make it more powerful, it will either cost you pips, or accuracy. If you want to make it more accurate, it will affect the damage. And maybe it could be an area Attack, or an Attack over Time, or...or something like that. Customized wand design - how cool would that be!

4. New decks. Love the idea of a better Runewarden Deck (maybe 55 cards), but, unless Treasure cards are banned from pvp, I don't think the no sideboard feature would go over too well. Still, new decks would be great.

Love to hear what other ideas are out there...


Dec 23, 2009
If you really live to PvP, want to get gear and power strictly through PvP, and look for larger variety and talent level to go against, there's another game out there that will WoW you.

Having said that, I like most of those ideas, minus the training point. That would punish people who lick at PvP by them not able to get something that those good at PvP could get.